This episode had some huge story lines to follow. First, the murderous FBI Director Santiago warns his mother to stay home, for her safety, in the expectation of an imminent terrorist attack. Second, Angela sees through her dying moms beliefs that they will meet again, in some after life. Third, Tyrell goes crazy right before the biggest terrorist attack in history. Finally, 71 Evil Corp buildings were blown up. These are just some exciting stories to watch.

To get this episode off the ground, FBI Director Santiago, who previously murdered a cop to prevent Tyrell from falling into law enforcement hands, calls his mother. He tells her to stay home, because something bad may happen. It’s funny how Santiago only cares about his family.

It’s this airing where Angela sees through her dying mom’s belief system. As a child, Angela’s mom said dying wasn’t goodbye, but Angela knew better and knew her dying mother wasn’t coming back from the grave. Also, Angela’s mother said they would meet again and her dying mother would always be here for her, but Angela knew when her mom died it was game over forever. Angela wasn’t buying her mother’s after life beliefs.

It’s this episode where Tyrell goes crazy. He is chased down outside Evil Corp screaming ”People are going to die. Stop the attack!” Nobody believes Tyrell and he is wrestled to the ground by Evil Corp security.

This episode ends with a terrorist attack. It seems the Dark Army destroyed 71 Evil Corp buildings. Thousands of lives were lost in this terrorist attack.

To conclude, this episode was exciting. Angela really knew the real deal when her mother was dying, even though her dying mom was in denial. Plus, the attack on 71 Evil Corp buildings felt like 9/11 all over again. This was a good episode.

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