Here’s the rundown on runtime error. This airing sees lots of neoconservatism and protests in this one. As well, Darlene confesses to Elliot about working for the FBI. Another thing, art imitates reality when Evil Corp is attacked, during this episode. Finally, this episode slams Trump because this broadcast isn’t politically neutral. Lots of political bias in this airing. Just some good stories to follow.

During this broadcast, we see neoconservatism a.k.a democracy protests at Evil Corp. Of course, these protests are aimed at establishing democracy at an international level. The protests are probably the result of disenchanted old liberal farts.

Its this airing where Darlene admits to working with the FBI. Darlene makes this fact known to Elliot at the Evil Corp protest. Darlene says the FBI just wants Tyrell.

In a scene of art imitating reality, Evil Corp is attacked like the Capitol on June 6, 2021. Hooligans, urged on by old liberal farts and Fsociety, destroy Evil Corp headquarters. Even though this scene was years before the June 6 Capitol Attack, once again art mirrors reality.

Terry Colby, tv conspiracist and Dark Army affiliate, appears in this broadcast. He is pushing for Trump to be elected President of the USA, because Trump will stand up for the USA. However, the real reason Terry is pushing Trump is because Whiterose wanted Trump in office in a secret meeting with Terry Colby.

This episode once again isn’t politically neutral. Just like many political episodes, Trump is slammed. That being said, other tv series slam Obama, and these programs are just as politically biased as Mr. Robot. But what can you do when political ideology is promoted in the media.

Briefly, I liked s few good story lines in this airing. Although the whole episode was biased against Trump, it did a good job in showing it’s politically biased approach to Trump. Plus, the Evil Corp attack did resemble the June 9, 2021 Capitol Attack. I enjoyed this broadcast.

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