2001: A Space Odyssey

This movie is interesting for a few reasons beyond the typical Ph.D analysis found online. One being AI in the future. As well, religions and how doctrines will change in postmodern times. Finally, keep in mind that structuralism and functionalism are similar in that ideology serves the same purpose as religion; that is, maintaining structural relationships or the system, in thus movie.

For one the AI is on point. Today Alexa and Siri AI are becoming something we depend on for our news, shopping, music, banking, and friendship.

Given AI was around since 1950s, one can say that AI will continue to play a larger role in our life’s as time passes. It probably will access our DNA and medical files in the future.

Another thing about this movie is when man journeys to the moon or Mars will religion follow them? Will religions alter their doctrines to fit the times? Will churches or congregations set up shop on Mars? For example, not much religions were talking about the Big Bang in 1900’s(people were just focused on a simple six days of creation), but as time passed, the big bang was incorporated into the religion’s body of teachings ie. doctrines. Will religions continue their post modern take? Continue getting closer to the light snd altering their understandings? And continue to be deconstructed, as well as use knowledge, discourse, and power over individuals? I think this movie suggests they will.

Another thing about religions and postmodernism. As one knows, structuralist focused on historical classes ie. working class in the past: however, postmodernism focused on deconstructing these classes in exchange for focusing on relationships and knowledge as power. Will genuine people in search of God give up as time passes in these postmodern times- or will man make up his own Gods and religions?

And finally, what about the postmodern idea of religions and corporations? As you know, originally, the Jesus’s apostles were almost penniless. However, in postmodern times, these modern apostles of Jesus need billion dollar corporations and tons of real property. Surely, God or Jesus don’t need billion dollar corporations to accomplish their will, as postmodern times would state otherwise.

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