This broadcast is a handful. Lets begin with the economy is gone to hell. As well, to locate Darlene, Elliot examines the photo metadata of Darlene’s secret webcam. Not only that, apparently, Mr. Robot hurt Darlene in the past. As well, voice protectors, particle colliders, and Fsociety followers come into play. Further, Mr. Robot’s ”revolution” is beginning to look like postmodernism. Lastly, Angela uses drugs to control Elliot’s dissociative identity disorder and Darlene loses her brother, which is game over. You will enjoy these stories in this one.

Here’s a good place to start: The economy has had it. Due to the 5/9 hack, the city has not picked up garbage for a long time. People have no jobs and have resorted to collecting cans on bikes. Others are homeless and live on the streets. And there are brown outs for those who can afford power. The economy is tanked.

During this broadcast, Elliot looks at Darlene’s metadata. Specifically, the data within photos like the photograph owner’s name, their location, and the time the photograph was taken. All this hidden data exists on your Facebook photograph for anyone to read, so this is how Mr. Robot found Darlene.

This episode we learn Mr. Robot hurt Darlene. This info comes out when Mr. Robot yells, ” Why the fuck are you hacking me,” to Darlene when he breaks into her FBI safe house. This is all the info we get about Mr. Robot abusing Darlene.

Elliot uses a voice protector in this episode. It’s a device that ruins audio when turned on. This device is meant to stop snoopers, or in this case the FBI from hearing Mr. Robot and Darlene’s conversation.

Angela and Irving talk about Whiterose and the secret Whiterose revealed to Angela. At this point, Angela probably was referring to the particle collider and it’s ability to access alternate realities and ”fix” everything. The reason I say this is because Irving said, ”Look at technology… Anything is possible today.”

It’s this airing where Fsociety inspires copycats and followers. One copycat buys a Fsociety mask and makes a Fsociety video, which he uploads to a Vimeo account. Promptly, the FBI tracks the video down and arrests the follower.

It’s beginning to look like Mr. Robot’s revolution is postmodernism. That is, his revolution is starting to look like a critique of capitalism just like postmodernism critiques grand narratives. Mr. Robot should be careful, or he’ll have nothing to show for his ”revolution.”

It’s this broadcast where we learn that Angela controls Elliot’s dissociative identity disorder with drugs. She does this to protect Elliot, if Elliot returns in the middle of a Mr. Robot episode. In Elliot’s fragile state, he might be unsafe and dangerous.

This episode it’s almost game over for Darlene. In exchange for her FBI immunity, she will lose her brother. That is a bridge too far for Darlene.

Overall, this airing was good. The economy gone to shit was on point. As well, Elliot’s Mr. Robot continued to wreck havoc. The part about revolution is really postmodernism was on point too. Oh yeah, Fsociety followers were good. I liked these story lines.

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