As this broadcast plays, we piece some Mr.Robot facts together. First, Angela clues in Tyrell that Elliot is someone different. Also, when it comes to racism, Leon and the neo-nazies are the same. Finally, the FBI director, Santiago, btw who is Dom’s boss, is a Dark Army plant. These are just a few of the loose ends tied up in this segment.

Lets begin with Mr. Robot: Mr. Robot realizes he needs Tyrell. Mr. Robot comes to this conclusion when he’s about to shoot Tyrell. Mr. Robot needs Tyrell for stage 2.

In this segment, too, Tyrell and Irving head to the country. At a cabin, Irving makes Tyrell take a psych eval in order to determine his loyalty to the Dark Army. At the cabin, too, Tyrell spends time chopping wood.

This airing teaches us one needs to stay sane in the country. All that time alone in the country is not good. Chopping wood keeps a person’s mind centred in the country.

Here’s some info about Irving. He worked for the Dark Army. Now, he’s watching Tyrell for the Dark Army.

It turns out that Irving is eccentric. He watches Big Brother when at home. He writes a book. Plus, he’s a used car salesman. Not only this, he likes to lie. To top it off, he’s a Dark Army handler too.

The Whiterose appears in this broadcast. The Whiterose wants TV conspiracist Terry Colby to get right into creating a new narrative on Fsociety’s origin- Iran. Plus, the Whiterose will back Donald Trump as President.

This episode sees FBI agent Santiago a Dark Army plant. In order to not expose Tyrell, Santiago, FBI agent Dom’s director, kills a local cop, which keeps Tyrell a secret. It seems the FBI had been compromised.

There is racism in this segment. Leon, an African American Dark Army killer, stabs a bunch of neo-nazies to death in prison. However, Leon seems to be a more acceptable form of racism than the blatant neo-nazies. But Leon and the neo- nazies both use race in a negative way.

Toward the end of this episode, Angela clues Tyrell in about Elliot. That Rlliot can become a different person. That Elliot is Mr. Robot.

Briefly, I enjoyed a few lines in this airing. When Angela revealed to Tyrell that Elliot was another person, that was creepy. Also, Leon may be viewed as a good guy for stabbing and killing neo-nazies, but Leon is just as racist, and two wrongs don’t make a right. And surprise, surprise, the FBI director, Santiago, is a murderous psycho and Dark Army plant. Just some good stories from this episode.

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