Puthon Pt.1 has some good stories. For a starter, brown outs are discussed. As well, the UN vote on the Evil Corp bail out happened. This one sees Bitcoin as the way of the future, even though it’s unconstitutional for Evil Corp to offer big bitcoin loans. This airing gets into cipher algorithms, Chinese child labor, and chaos theory. These are just a few stories to follow in this broadcast.

To begin, a little about brown outs. These brown outs are the way of the future, because the world population is increasing and only getting bigger; as a result, the demand for energy is increasing but there is not enough energy sources to meet this increasing energy demand. Increasingly, brown outs are increasing along the US eastern sea port, and Frank Cody, right-wing conspiracist, spins this fact as another Evil Corp conspiracy.

We learn some secrets in this episode. Apparently, we learn the Chinese government was involved in the 5/9 hack. Also, the FBI is aware of a leak in it. Lot of non-obvious things happening in China and the FBI.

This airing sees a 2 trillion dollar no interest bail out of Evil Corp. China came through for Evil Corp. Plus, the UN vote was favourable to Evil Corp.

Due to the bail out, US and China foreign policy is stable. There will be no war between the two countries. The US President will not need to modify US/China relations ie. foreign policy.

According to Evil Corp CEO Price, bitcoin was always the future. The 5/9 hack just speeded bitcoin up. Hard money was destroyed by an unstable economy and cyberattacks.

Evil Corp bitcoin violates the US Constitution, according to the Federal Reserve head. He says the Constitution only allows the US federal government to print money. This being the case, the bail out which Evil Corp turns to bitcoin for bitcoin loans is unconstitutional, because Evil Corp cant make big bitcoin loans that they wouldn’t make in US dollars.

Bitcoin is a major worry. For one thing, bitcoin is unregulated by the World Bank, IMF, Evil Corp, the Federal Reserve, and the US government. In fact, it’s controlled by a large percent of Chinese miners. Should bitcoin replace hard money, everyone is in trouble.

This airing teaches about cypher algorithms. One particular cypher algorithm is Rot 13 which shifts values of 13 characters in the alphabet for each scrambled letter in a secret message. An example of the Rot 13 algorithm was in the movie Christmas story. with Ralphie and his decoder ring. Another example of a cypher algorithm is the Vigenere cipher.

There is a questionable scene in this broadcast, which makes quite a statement. In the scene, Angela is given a psych eval by a beaten child at a Dark Army base. The scene was probably added to highlight current child labor in China; however, it should be noted that child labour was once legal in many US states.

This episode, too, teaches that if you think something, that may make it happen. And like a raindrop, when that drop of water hits a barrel of water, ripples are created, which turn into waves. Specifically, in chaos theory, when a butterfly flaps it’s wings, typhoons are created across the world. The Whiterose brings out this point in this broadcast.

Imagine standing on a hill. Imagine thinking something and it happens. Ideas can be dangerous.

The whole idea of being observed can actually change an object comes into play here. In quantum mechanics, there is no such thing as a silent observer. Just observing an object, or for that matter just thinking about it, can actually change the object, according to quantum mechanic theories.

Lastly, this broadcast sees Ecoin loans available from Evil Corp. These new loans are targeted at low and middle income earners. The loans are for those affected by the 5/9 hack where hard cash became useless.

Overall, a few stories interested me in this airing. One was child labor in China, which the US had at one time. As well, the idea that silently observing an object can change it, according to quantum mechanic theories. It was an enjoyable broadcast, though.

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