Serious business in these story lines in this broadcast. As a starter, the right to privacy appears nowhere in the US Constitution. As well, NSA illegal wire tapping is alluded to in this one. Fsociety makes use of WikiLeaks. There is a secret illegal FBI program ”Berenstain.” On top of that, Susan Jacobs, general legal counsel and risk assessment leader for Evil Corp, gets hers by Darlene. We see, too, the FBI detaining a Fsociety member without any evidence. Bitcoin is the new cash when the economy crashes. The Trenton home is worthless due to the 5/9 hack of Evil Corp. Finally, Angela might have squandered her social capital. These are just some of the interesting story lines coming out of this episode.

Darlene invokes a right to privacy in this airing. She cites the UN Declaration of Human Right’s right of privacy. However, it should be said that nowhere in the US Constitution does this right of privacy appear. In fact, the founders and framers of the US Constitution were explicit when adding enumerated rights. Furthermore, a right of privacy only showed up in 1965 in Griswald v. Connecticut, which was a right made up by Supreme Court Justice Douglas.

This episode makes reference to the huge FBI/NSA scandal involving the US cellphone service provider Verizon. Here, the NSA illegally tapped the smart phones of millions of Americans without a warrant. The NSA created millions of backdoor programs on American citizen smartphones. Here, the NSA violated the US Constitution’s Article 4 which states law enforcement needs warrants to conduct searches on US citizens.

Trenton, a Fsociety member, uploads a video to WikiLeaks in this airing. You remember WikiLeaks where videos were posted of American military soldiers killing US journalists like some sick video game. And where personal emails of diplomats and ambassadors appeared from around the world.

Fsociety uploads a video on the secret FBI surveillance program Berenstein. The program is secret like the secretive grand juries or FISA courts. Sounds like some KGB ish.

This episode gets into the nasty Evil Corp general counsel, Susan Jacobs. You remember Susan Jacobs, she’s responsible for sweeping the toxic water lawsuit under the rug which killed lots of Americans. As heading up the Evil Corp risk management department, such acts were in her job description- now Angela’s too.

Not only this, this broadcast sees the green FBI agent Dom holding Mobley without evidence. Dom tells Mobley some BS that he’s being held due to bureaucracy and red tape. The real reason is Dom is attempting to gather evidence by illegally detaining Mobley. So much for rights.

The FBI is tripping, in this one. One field agent asks Dom why they are watching each other. The agent remarks ”It’s Snowden, only worse.”

The FBI is not above using prostitution, in this one. Angela’s boyfriend, a plant, sleeps with her. Her boyfriend reports back to FBI on what information he’s gathered. Too bad he wasn’t a woman because you could puncture her birth control diaphragm, when she was looking the other way.

Interestingly, Fsociety used Signal in this episode. Signal is an encrypted message app. Many lawyers, government officials, and people use it to keep their conversations private. Signal is unhackable.

It’s this segment where Bitcoin is worth more than cash. Due to the 5/9 Evil Corp hack, the economy has crashed, just like in 1929, and Money is basically worthless. Fsociety uses Bitcoin to pay the vet to use the incinerator.

We learn too, during this airing, Trenton’s parents have a deed to a worthless home.  Evil Corp, the mortgagee, is fighting her parents on the deed, since the deed isn’t fee simple yet- they got years of payments to go.

Trenton’s immigrant parents learn a difficult lesson. It seems all the money Trenton’s parents invested in their home may be worthless since the 5/9 hack destroyed the economy.  Currency is now worthless- just like the bible predicted in the last days.

Meanwhile, back at Evil Corp, CEO Price talks about Angela squandering her social capital. All those networks, connections, resources, relationships, down the drain. Such is the price to be paid to enter the field of risk management. For Angela, it’s just another step in advancing her agenda.

In conclusion, it’s funny art imitates reality, This was definitely the case in this broadcast, It was an enjoyable watch.

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