This episode introduces some new story lines. In exchange for dropping the lawsuit against Evil Corp, Angela tells Price that she wants to be reassigned to risk management. As well, Joanna has a Death Proof moment. This one sees the Dark Army bitcoin plan take off. Not only this, Elliot migrates Ray’s black market databases, in order to bust Ray. Further, Dom is onto Angela. Also, it turns out Elliot has been in prison all this time, a One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest song plays. There’s some pretty good story lines in this one.

As we begin, with Susan Jacobs, general legal counsel for Evil Corp as Angela’s boss, Angela is working in risk management in this episode. She probably calculate cost/benefit analysis formulas to deal with crises and do damage control, as lawyers do. As well, she will determine if impending lawsuit should be settled ie. water contamination lawsuits. As one hopefully knows, corporate risk management also decides if search and rescue missions should be pursued or abandoned. Moreover, more to the point, biotech corporate risk management make life and death decisions regarding biotech intellectual property. I am sure Angela will learn how evil multinational conglomerates really are.

First order of business is the small independent loan companies we’re servicing. I’m surprised they’re not suing us for breach of the uptime clauses. I have three class actions on that point alone in my region. Contractual damage on uptime are minimal. I’m not even worried about it.  We’ll settle

Elliot and his therapist have a break through. Turns out Elliot has been in prison for episode 2 to now. We learn Elliot lives in his head in prison.

A bit of Death Proof, a grind house movie, makes it into this episode. The song Sally and Jack plays as Joanna imagines Tyrell and her going to an Evil Corp dinner party. The song continues to play as Joanna takes her baby on a stroll as she is approached by a woman who throws blood on her screaming ”capitalist pig.” This episode is weird to incorporate grind house movies.

With this airing, Dom is onto Angela. Dom realizes Angela has been ”co-opted” as Dom put it, when referring to her FBI taking over a floor at Evil Corp. Dom thinks it’s ironic given Angela’s personal history to be at Allsafe then Evil Corp, all after the largest hack in history. Also, Dom knows it’s not Angela to be working for the people who killed her mother.

Not only that, Dom suspects Angela of hacking Evil Corp. She comes to this conclusion when she checks out Angela’s whereabouts and finds the CCTV footage is corrupted. Dom tells Evil Corp they been hacked by Angela.

Looks like the Dark Army’s E-Coin plan is in full effect. After the fall of credit in the Evil Corp hack, nobody has money and business resort to using E-Coin. If the Evil Corp bailout failed, it was always the Dark Army’s plan B to go ahead with bitcoin.

New York enters a recession. This is due to the Evil Corp bail out fail. Garbage is piling high in the streets, and it looks like 1970s recession again.

Elliot deals with the wicked Ray during this episode. When migrating and downloading the databases of Ray’s smut site, Elliot alerts the general public which alerts the FBI. Ray is busted and Elliot escapes.

In more film-making retcon, we learn that Elliot has always been in jail, probably the psych ward. In fact, as we see Elliot in jail, we hear a song from One Who Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest playing. Elliot becomes aware of being in jail when his therapist breaks the news to him in the visiting room.

To conclude, this episode was dope. Dom is smarter then she looks. As well, Elliot remains in some alternate reality, like in prison, but he’s coming out of it. Angela’s risk management was a good tie-in. The writers had interesting story lines on this broadcast.

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