This episode covers a variety of story lines. From masters to 90s skits to Chinese Separatists to bailouts to caffeine energy drinks to rubber duckies to Femtocell towers, this segment has a variety of topics to cover. As well, FBI agent Dom is ordered to take a leave of absence due to a psych evaluation. Finally, Angela is paid off, for the death of her mom, by a 90s Evil Corp in a skit. Last but not least, FBI CART is explored in this one. There a lot of story lines to unpack before moving on in this tv series.

As a beginner, Ray teaches Elliot who is master. Ray has two thugs beat Elliot to an inch of his life, because Elliot did not listen to Ray about not looking at Ray’s encrypted smut database. Ray has this idea that everyone has a master in this world- he might be right if you factor in God and the Devil.

As a result of the beating, an unconscious Elliot retreats into a fantasy world where he’s a part of a 90s skit. Here, Elliot is on a road trip with his dead dad, mom, Darlene, Tyrell, and Alf. In order to survive the horrible beating, Elliot’s dad conjured up thus skit to keep Elliot’s mind off the present horrible reality.

Elsewhere, Chinese Separatist’s receive all the blame on the FBI massacre in China. The Separatist’s receive the blame because the Dark Army wants it that way; that is, they want the attention off themselves, and they want the attention on the Separatist’s, along with an ended FBI investigation out of China.

Because of the shooting in China, Evil Corp CEO Price can’t get the bailout from Congress due to the murder of four FBI agents in China. The US public wants blood, and there is no way Congress can approve money from China for an Evil Corp bailout. Looks like the Chinese money ain’t happening for Evil Corp,

Dom doesn’t want to sleep in this airing. She buys lots of caffeine energy drinks. She can’t sleep, but who can these days.

This airing gets into some hacking tools of the trade. First, we see the rubber duckie dongle, which is designed to be inserted into USBs to retrieve all passwords and domain info. Next, there is a femtocell tower, which sets up a bogus cell tower in order to intercept all smartphone calls and sms conversations. This episode delves into the hacker’s toolkit.

As well, this episode looks at FBI agent Dom’s ordered leave of absence. The FBI psych eval stated Dom needs rest after the witness of murders in China. Dom suspects the FBI psych eval is a pretext, because the FBI caved into secret Dark Army requests to remove her from the investigation.

Lastly, Angela is part of the strange 90s skit in Elliot’s mind. In the skit, Angela is working at an Evil Corp gas station/store in the 90s, because this was how Evil Corp paid off her after killing her mother, as was the case in the 90s for similar lawsuit-like problems.

Before I forget, we see the FBI CART. This is a computer forensics branch of the FBI that works with state District Attorney offices and their computer forensics offices. As well, CART works with local police and computer forensics.

In sum, the story lines were good in this segment. However, two story lines caught my eye: the one about caffeine energy drinks, because I need some, and what Angela’s Evil Corp “settlement” of her dead mom would look like in the 90s. Good episode, though.

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