We got some interesting story lines to follow in “eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc.” As an entree, Elliot hacks the FBI with malware, governed by it’s own internal logic. Next on the menu, the FBI goes to China and gets shot up by the Dark Army. The main course includes Ray, the good guy who believes in Catholic confession, running a Silk Road type website. On top of this, Angela is recruited by Fsociety. Finally, the Washington DC bail out hack is being prepped. These are some interesting story lines to dish in this airing.

During this episode, Elliot owns the FBI. He writes python code which runs on standard issue android FBI smartphones. Elliot has his own wifi mobile phone tower, VIM text editor, and cli IRC going. Elliot controls the FBI.

Not only this, Elliot has more hacking tools. He created his own malware, and he has a reverse shell to deliver this payload. In the end, a script will be installed on the target’s operating system and run on start up, but should the target discover this script, along with all traces of Elliot’s malware; it will self destruct. Elliot has many ways to own the FBI.

We learn Steel Mountain Datacenter is rebranding in this segment. It’s because of lawsuits. Due to the hack and FBI gathering evidence, the company must rebrand in order to survive.

Darlene pays Angela a visit. Why? Because Fsociety needs Angela’s help. The last time Angela helped Fsociety is when she put an illegal CD in Allsafe computers, which triggered the crime of the century since it contained Darlene’s malware.

There is a reason for the FBI hack. It’s to get rid of the evidence. It’s not enough to cover your computer hack by clearing the logs, but you must get rid of the chain of evidence.

The FBI heads to China to visit the Steel Mountain redundant data centers. However, China is Dark Army jurisdiction, who boldly get in the FBI’s face. The FBI have no jurisdiction in China.

In this episode, we learn how the Steel Mountain redundant tapes were destroyed in China. The backup hard drives were degaussed ie. the hard drives were demagnetized. In the US Steel Mountain Datacenter, the Raspberry Pi used climate control to destroy them.

The FBI wants to tour the China redundant data centers. The FBI wants access to the encrypted China Evil Corp servers. Not least, they want all intelligence China has on the Dark Army.

It’s this broadcast where we learn how wicked Ray really is. Apparently, Ray runs with discretion a Tor hidden site a.k.a dark web site which is invite only and very similar to the infamous Silk Road. Anyways he has an encrypted database of all his smut.

Minister Zhang, China’s minister of state security, appears in this segment. From the initial looks of it, Minister Zhang could be the Whiterose too, since he decorates his home with art of people in identity crisis and the cultural revolution of China. Minister Zhang could be like Elliot and Mr. Robot, but Ministrr Zhang talks to his sister, The Whiterose, who is dead, probably.

There is talk of alternate realities in this broadcast. Minister Zhang believes we may be other people in an alternate reality, which exist right now. He believes this is the case given 9/11. Minister Zhang is probably The Whiterose in one of the current realities.

I think Dom suspects Minister Zhang is The Whiterose, because she said it herself, ”She joined the FBI cause she is drawn to how brutal man can be,” and she is hanging out with a brutal man. Plus, she knows Minister Zhang has no sister.

Angela meets Fsociety in this airing. She meets the motley crew. Looks like Angela is being recruited by Fsociety.

Lastly, Fsociety goes ahead with the DC bailout vote operation. Some underlings are sent to DC to prepare the way. Darlene had taken care of everything in the DC bail out hack.

In conclusion, this episode was good. Elliots hack of the FBI was eye-opening. As well, the FBI going to China was interesting in regards to being attacked by the Dark Army. But I wouldn’t of figure Dom the ambassador type, but what do writers know. Lastly, Ray is a filthy animal, who deserves no forgiveness. However, the episode was entertaining .

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