This broadcast has a few stories to tell. Off the starting block, the FBI realizes that Fsociety are brazen- they hide in plain sight. Also, Ray, the religious freak, is shady as fuck. Plus, Elliot had a game of chess with Mr. Robot where the winner takes all. Just remember to keep your positive side stronger then your negative side- if you don’t like possession.

We start here where the FBI agent, Dom, has come to some conclusions about Fsociety. She calls them hackers. Not only this, she considers them ”brazen”. In fact, she believes that they hide in plain sight. She may be right about Fsociety.

It seems the FBI could of found Fsociety, if they Facebooked or Twittered. Seems Fsociety posted all the pics of the End of the World Party,

Additionally, this episode gets into some ideas of class and meritocracy in the video The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie. The video critiques America as a classless society and debunks America as a meritocracy. If you want to know more, read some Talcott Parsons, C. Wright Mills, or Robert Michels.

In this airing, killers are on the loose. Kareem, a valet, believes Gideon was murdered by the Dark Army. However, a better killer might be Joanna and her driver.

Ray seems to be a believer. He talks about Moses and Abraham talking to an invisible person, God. Moreover, Ray did some dark shit, and now he participates in Catholic confession. I wondered if Ray asked for forgiveness when he beat the shit out of a guy in the previous episode.

Confession reminds me of what Ving Rhames said in Dawn of the Dead. He tells a street thug who wants forgiveness ”I tell you what go over there[toilet stall] and say ten hail Marys and we will call it even.” That would be about right in the apocalypse.

In this instalment, Mr. Robot wants to be free. ”No thought. No body. No nothing. Absolute nothingness,” he says. Don’t we all, don’t we all, Elliot.

In a secret meeting with the Dark Army’s Whiterose, CEO conglomerate Evil Corp Price talks of an IMF bail out in this episode. A bail out like the global pandemic one, which the IMF wanted. However, bail outs, like the global pandemic bail out, were all talk like the IMF’s idea of peace.

This segment, too, deals with the UN vote. See, the UN can only save Evil Corp, the most powerful conglomerate in the world, in regards to a too big to fail bail out. However, the despicable thing that masquerades as our only hope can’t even save itself, in the apocalypse- open your eyes and wake the fuck up.

Darlene is just now realizing that Fsociety is in trouble. “We’re all in real trouble.” In fact, real trouble with the death of Leslie and the FBI on their heels. Fsociety might be owned.

At the end of this broadcast, Elliot hacks the FBI. Not a good idea if you don’t want the army after you for the rest of your life, only wanting to watch you and lock you up in a looney bin.

Amnesia is a motherf..ker. You black out and don’t remember chunks of your life. You live separate realities which you have no clue about- if you ever find out. Only God knows what you did or who you were.

Briefly, two good story lines were added to this episode. Fsociety realizes they are in real trouble. Plus, Elliot hacked the FBI, which any decent hacker can do. The story line sbout the sketchy religious Ray was ok. Check this instalment out.

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