This broadcast has a couple of good story lines. For one, we get to see a meeting between the Fed and Evil Corp CEO Price about the hack. Also, the FBI is investigating when they show up with subpoenas and warrants at Evil Corp headquarters. Additionally, Evil Corp has Angela in damage control mode, so it’s beginning to look like Angela was coopted. Toward the end, we see Elliot had another blackout. Not only this, there is more on Darlene’s malware attack on Evil Corp. Finally, some Oswald/Kennedy ish has gone down with the assassination of Gideon. There’s a lot of moving parts in this episode.

To begin the Federal Reserve must vote on whether to bail out Evil Corp. The politically appointed government body regulates banks in the USA. Will they help Evil Corp out of the mess in this episode?

Evil Corp is not the only bank in trouble. The big three banks are in trouble too. And the Federal Reserve decides who to help.

In this episode of Mr. Robot, the Fed is leary of helping out Evil Corp. It seems Obama is not cozy with Congress right now in order to ask for a bail out. This being the case, the Fed has advised Philip Price, the CEO of Evil Corp to resign.

However, Philip Price needs time. He needs to get his CTO to rebuild the database of Evil Corp. That way, the networks and servers can run.

At this point, Philip Price brings up the past. He brings up FDR, and how FDR lied about the soundness of banks during the Great Depression, which all historians know. Price is buying time in order to not be let go as Evil Corp CEO.

Evil Corp is being investigated by the feds. At this point, likely a secretive grand jury is being convened. All this investigation is the result of the Evil Corp hack.

This episode talks about American lies. According to Price, Evil Corp CEO, the American Dream is a lie. Also, he states family values is another lie. Having said the former, Price could be right about the American Dream lie, since we see a FBI agent “Dom” chumming up to an immigrant business owner at the beginning of this episode.

In this one, Angela, communications officer for Evil Corp, is in damage control mode. She is dealing with the news outlets over the bail out and suicide. At the end of the day, Bloomberg gets the Price interview.

Like other Evil Corp VIPs, Angela is lost. However, now, she does practice positive affirmations. Such is the case of traitors and lost souls of corporations.

This episode sees Elliot back to blackouts. This time he can’t remember hanging out with a guy he met at the basketball court. In order to account for the blackout, Elliot reads his journal for clues.

Darlene is at it again: hacking Evil Corp. This time her malware, something she coded in minutes, has encrypted all data on the Evil Corp network. No more servers, databases, or networks for Evil Corp bank. Darlene wants money from Evil Corp, or they don’t get the de-encryption key.

This episode sees some Oswald/Kennedy ish go down with the assassination of Gilead. Apparently he is shot in some bar by a gay Oswald-like killer. I wondered where the Jack Ruby was to deal with the gay patsy. However, someone bigger is behind the scenes and pulling the strings with the assassination of Gilead.

In total, the story lines were good in this episode. The Fed and Evil Corp was good, and the FBI was entertaining, although predictable. The Oswald/Kennedy tie-in was ok. It was ok, but the immorality I skipped over.

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