Wow, “eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v” is crazy. To start, Elliot meets the gay Whiterose, the leader of the Dark Army, the China version of Fsociety, to get the Steel Mountain Datacenter hack back on track. As well, Tyrell, the psychotic wannabe CTO admits to needing God- after he killed someone. Not only that, Tyrell’s wife, Joannas, brings on a self abortion, in hopes of saving Tyrell from the police. Last of all, Elliot has amnesia a.k.a blackout which he has had all his life. Needless to say, Elliot forgot Darlene, his sister, and his dad. This episode is off the hook.

As things start rolling in this episode, Darlene states there is only the rich and the poor. Given this statement, there is no middleclass, according to Darlene. So much for neo-Marxism, but, hey, Darlene is a Marxist who understands only two classes: the proletariat and bourgeoisie. Darlene is really saying she’s a vulgar Marxist, actually.

Darlene wants a revolution. She believes that if all the buildings go away and society debt, things will be great. However, her boyfriend thinks it will be a zombie apocalypse. Darlene might just get her wish if Covid continues, wars increase, and food shortages happen, though.

A strange scene happens in this segment. Apparently, Darlene and Angela meet at a ballet session. It seems they have been friends all their lives- a piece of information missing from previous episodes.

Meanwhile, Elliot talks about the Raspberry Pi, during this segment. He says the Raspberry Pi is now a backdoor to Steel Mountain Datacenter. Elliot has been able to install a patch via the Raspberry Pi. Elliot maintains control of the thermostats in Steel Mountain, so now he goes ahead with setting up the hack.

Angela has really done it in this broadcast When she broke chain of custody with the dat file, she rendered evidence inadmissible, so Terry Colby is a free man after killing many people in the toxic water scandal. How strange it is that Angela helped let her mother’s killer off the hook, by a legal technicality.

It seems Allsafe has borrowed from hackers. Allsafe has implemented a honey pot server, in hopes of learning motivations behind cyber attacks. Perhaps, Allsafe learned a thing or two from Hak3.

Faraday rooms come into this installment. A faraday room stops all electromagnetic activity, so hacking is not allowed. I wondered what would happen if a faraday shield was installed around the earth; would the earth stop spinning and drift out of the orbit, because the magnetic field anchors the earth to the rest of the universe. Perhaps, Elon Musk can build a faraday shield around the earth, since he has thousands of satellites In earth’s orbit- maybe he can float to Mars to colonize it.

In this episode, Elliot meets the Whiterose, leader of the Dark Army, from China. Elliot meets him at a hard drive repair shop. It seems the Whiterose is gay, which can get him in trouble with the Chinese government. No wonder the Whiterose is a chinese hacker.

One thing about the Whiterose: he hacks time. He manages his time. He understands that time is money, and time is missed opportunity if not managed right. Whereas the Whiterose hacks time, Elliot hacks people.

This segment sees Elliot desktop hack. He does it with VNC which gives a hacker access to host’s desktops. Elliot does this to hack Angela’s boyfriend.

Tyrell loses it in this episode. After much stress, he has a secret meeting with Mr. Robot. After a botched threat to Mr. Robot, Tyrell heads home, takes a swig of whiskey, and tells his wife they need God.

Just as Tyrell admits to his wife, Joanna, they need God, the police arrive. Apparently, the police want to question Tyrell about a murder at Evil Corp. In an attempt to save Tyrell and stall the police, Joanna induces her pregnancy by puncturing her uterus with a fork.

Finally, we learn Elliot has blackouts a.k.a amnesia. In these blackouts, Elliot can’t remember parts of his life. For example, he forgot Darlene is his real sister. Moreover, Elliot forgot Mr. Robot is his real dad. Elliot realizes his blackout when Darlene clues him in, and Elliot realizes he’s crazy- such is the price of eccentric behaviour.

At the end of this segment, Elliot is crazy. He realizes it could be the meds which made him crazy. Or Shayla’s recent death. Or it could be Elliot’s imaginary friend who he made up. Or maybe it’s all the drugs Elliot took that did the job. Or perhaps the loneliness he deals with everyday. Who knows, but Elliot knows he’s now insane.

In an attempt to figure out who he is, Elliot hacks himself. He hacks himself by searching all his records online. Elliot finds out that he has no identity; that is, he’s a ghost.

Overall, I did not expect this much from this episode. The whole thing about Darlene being Elliot’s sister caught me off guard- and Elliot just forgot about her and his dad, wow. I guess amnesia and blackouts can really wreck your life. But here’s something too: Elliot is like that mad genius who has control of all the information in the world; that is, information on the people in his life. This episode really got me thinking.

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