Mr. Robot’s :View Source” is a mixed bag. To begin, Elliot has memories of his dead friend, Shayla. Elsewhere, Mr. Robot meets Heathers. As well, The Dark Army returns to help Fsociety. Finally, Angela confronts Terry Colby about her mother’s death. Some story lines need to be cleared up in “View Source”.

Lets begin this episode with Elliot hates people. Elliot tells us this fact when he first meets Shayla. He does not like to be around people, because they make him feel awkward.

As the segment moves on, Elliot recalls his childhood. In particular, he remembers viewing source code of webpages, while ripping it off for his website. Elliot was into webpage design as a kid.

This installment we learn Fsociety has the attention of Homeland Security. Mr. Robot quotes the HS secretary as he reads the daily newspaper.

The Dark Army comes up in this broadcast. Mr. Robot realizes he needs the Dark Army to launch a successful attack on Evil Corp. At this point, Darlene reveals the name of the Dark Army leader: Whiterose. Fsociety debates if Whiterose even exists.

A surprising scene happens in this episode. Mr.Robot a.k.a Christian Slater reprises his role in Heathers where he pulls a gun. In Heathers, he pulled a gun on two jocks to scare them. In this episode, he pulls a gun on his Fsociety friend to scare him.

During this broadcast, Angela confronts Terry Colby about his toxic leak meeting in 1993. Angela asked Terry Colby what it was like to ignore the toxic leak which killed her mother. Essentially, Terry Colby said it was raining, he went home and had dinner, and forgot the leak, as easy as pie.

The end of the episode sees the Dark Army agree to help Fsociety. Looks like Whiterose is down with Fsociety. The Steel Mountain Datacenter hack is on, again.

In brief. it was a mixed episode. Shayla returned from the dead, but she returned only as a memory in Elliot’s mind. As well, Mr. Robot reenacts his Heathers role in this one. Also, Angela confronted Terry Colby, while making him feel guilty. Lastly, The Dark Army is onboard with Fsociety. I enjoy a mixed bag of story lines once in a while.

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