Let’s see: how to we begin this episode? First, we learn Elliot’s specialty is hacking people, which he finds their vulnerabilities and exploits them. Also, Fsociety installs the Raspberry Pi on the Steel Mountain thermostat. Plus, Fsociety creates a fake Wikipedia page as part of the Steel Mountain hack. Towards the end, the Dark Army bails on Fsociety. Finally, Angela is at a crossroads. These story lines form the basis for this episode.

It should be said, Elliot hacks people. He listens to them. He finds their vulnerabilities. People are Elliot’s exploits. Elliot social engineers people.

In this installment, Fsociety needs to connect the Raspberry Pi to the Steel Mountain climate control system a.k.a thermostat. Fsociety does it by sending in Elliot as the exploit a.k.a payload. Elliot’s job is to install the Raspberry Pi on the thermostat.

In the beginning of this broadcast, we learn Elliot has Mr. Robot figured out, even though Elliot isn’t a doctor. Elliot believes Mr. Robot is clinically insane. However, it should be said, Elliot doesn’t have a doctor’s licence to practice medicine, so Elliot might be delusional.

Meanwhile, as part of the Steel Mountain hack, Fsociety creates a fake Wiki page. The Wiki page is part of a fake identity for Elliot as some billionaire. Fsociety was able to create the Wikipedia page because anyone can edit them, and most people believe what they read on Wikipedia, even though Fsociety created it.

As we learn in this segment, Mr. Robot’s specialty seems to be hacking people too. He figures out what makes them tick. He proceeds to push their buttons. He turns them into malware. Essentially, Mr. Robot is a social engineer too.

Think about it, Bill. If you died, would anyone care? Would they really care? Yeah, maybe they’d cry for a day, but let’s be honest. No one would give a s***. They wouldn’t. The few people that would feel obligated to go to your funeral would probably be annoyed and leave as early as possible. That’s who you are. That’s what you are. You’re nothing to anyone, to everyone. Think about it, Bill, ’cause if you do, if you let yourself… You’ll know I’m telling you the truth. So instead of wasting any more of my time, I need you to go call someone that matters, because Bill, you don’t.

This episode sees Fsociety resorting to spoofing to get rid of a difficult supervisor who is escorting Elliot out of the building. Fsociety impersonated the supervisor’s husband and sends a sms message. Now, the supervisor has to go to the hospital to be with her husband, and Elliot is free to go about his hack. The spoofing is similar to webpage spoofing or virtual sim card spoofing.

Elsewhere, Tyrell figured it out that Elliot framed Terry Colby, even though Tyrell has no evidence. Tyrell knew that Elliot’s father worked at Evil Corp before he died, because it’s all in the public record. Tyrell called Elliot out on his theory about the Terry Colby situation, and Tyrell was correct, since Elliot said nothing.

Lastly, in this installment, the Dark Army bails on Fsociety. As relayed in IRC, the Steel Mountain hack is not in the interest of the Dark Army. This fact crushes Darlene, because she really wanted to move ahead with the Steel Mountain hack.

In a rage, Darlene attempts to go ahead with the hack regardless of the Dark Army’s support. However, Mr. Robot says it would be pointless, because the back-up tape facilities in China would make the Steel Mountain hack pointless, and the present Steel Mountain hack would only lead to improve security down the road for Steel Mountain.

Least of all, Angela returns home due to relationship and money problems. Here, by accident, she comes across overdue bills of her dad. It appears Angela’s dad could lose the house. Angela is at a crossroad and goes for a walk to clear her mind and think.

This segment wasn’t bad. We learn Elliot and Tyrell seem like the same person: one is evil and the other is not. However, Elliot could become Tyrell if he loses his moral code. And also, Mr. Robot is some kind of mentor it seems for Elliot. Perhaps, too, Mr. Robot sees Elliot as a younger version of himself, since they seem to be on the autistic level. I enjoyed this episode.

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