eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4 is an informative episode. First, we get more of a look at Fsociety’s hangout. Also, we see first hand what Elliot’s addiction is doing to him. Not only this, we get a peek at some of Fsociety’s tools like the Raspberry Pi. As well, Elliot’s paranoia surrounding Evil Corp is highlighted. This installment of Mr. Robot is enlightening.

To start, Fsociety has a cool hangout. They meet at an arcade on Coney Island (turf of The Warriors), which has all the retro cool video games. Here, they plan their missions against Evil Corp. Fsociety’ hangout is kind of like the fort or tree house of your childhood.

In this episode, we explore Elliot’s drug addiction. As you recall in the previous episodes, Elliot has a morphine addiction; that is, he self medicates to deal with his anxiety, depression, and taking down the largest corporation in the world. In this segment, Elliot realizes he can’t function to get the current job done: hack Evil Corp and take out daemons ie. background programs/processes running on a computer and not blow up the natural gas plant. However, Elliot hasn’t had his fix; nonetheless, Elliot and Fsociety come together to help him kick his habit, because they need to accomplish their mission. The only problem is the monkey on Elliot’s back.

As the segment plays, we learn about a Raspberry Pi. It’s a circuit board mainly used for robotics, which Fsociety plans to secretly install at Steel Mountain datacenter. The Raspberry Pi will heat up a thermostat and destroy all back up tapes at Steel Mountain datacenter. As well, the Raspberry Pi will be used to upload code into the Steel Mountain network to complete the mission.

In this episode, Fsociety appears on TV. They are wearing masks, and they use a voice changer. Perhaps, in a previous life, Fsociety were a group of trolls who did prank calls. However, today, Fsociety would not need to wear masks, since all they would need to do is create a deep fake video and sample the voice of the person being faked to say fake things in his voice- all in real-time.

Elliot really suffers some drug withdrawal in this broadcast. It all happens when he goes cold turkey in a hotel right before the mission. In his suffering, he hallucinates, sweats, and dreams. After a brief time period of 48 hours or so, Elliot kicks the habit.

In particular, Elliot has a problem with paranoia. He yells, “Huh! What do you want?” as he passes by two strangers staring at him. Elliot is deep in withdrawal, and Elliot’s paranoia is spiking in regards to Evil Corp.

To handle the China datacenters, it looks like Fsociety is working with the Dark Army on the Steel Mountain datacenter hack. Darlene has a contact with the Dark Army. The hack needs to be completed in 48 hours, because Steel Mountain creates redundant backup systems online.

Mr. Robot steals a play out of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In one scene, we see Fsociety’s Raspberry Pi hardware created to make a vpn and access point to the Steel Mountain datacenter. The similar device was used to hack Hans-Erik Wennerström, CEO of the Wennerström Group in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Smooth move, Mr. Robot producers.

In conclusion, this broadcast was ok. We learned more about Fsociety’s plan to bring down Evil Corp. Also, we got a good look at Elliot and his addiction. As well, we got to see some new tools to hack thermostats, intranets, and mini-vans. I enjoyed this episode minus the porn.

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