This episode is quite the episode. Where to start: Tyrell beats the shit out of a homeless man because Tyrell didn’t get the CTO Evil Corp position. Also, this episode is starting to sound like “Erin Brockovich” with the contaminated water and leukemia of Eliot’s and Angela‚Äôs parents. What can I say.

As this episode starts, Tyrell is rehearsing to his self in front of a mirror. Obviously, he’s anticipating his role, as a new CTO. However, he’s not convinced or confident that he will get the role- so he slaps himself around a bit.

Tyrell is mad in this episode 3. He is so mad that he goes down to skid row. There, he hires a homeless guy to kick the shit out of. See, Tyrell got blown off by Evil Corp, and Tyrell is now mad. As Tyrell leaves the homeless man beaten to near death in the street, his driver and security look on and do nothing. Tyrell is a real humanitarian, huh.

Elliot is laid up in the hospital in this broadcast. He hasn’t recovered fully from being pushed off the cliff by Mr. Robot. Anyways, as Elliot lays in his bed, he comments about Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, being a legal smack dealer these days.

During Elliot’s hospital stay, he tells us about hacking a hospital. He tells us that hospital networks are the easiest to hack, since hospitals don’t have the high budget like huge corporations to protect them. Elliot likes this fact, since he can hack his hospital and forge his hospital records as easy as pie. Another thing about hacking hospitals, hospital equipment is too easy to hack.

AllSafe has a plan to deal with the hacking of their corporation. They will watch their logs. They are going to monitor social media traffic. They are going to monitor IRC. And Pastebin too. They plan to have scripts running 24/7. Good plan guys, that might help- not.

Elliot is crushed in this broadcast. According to a heads up text message and subsequent news reports, Elliot learns the truth about the death of his parents in a toxic waste scandal. As well, Elliot hears of news reports of evidence exposing Terry Colby via secret emails. Elliot’s “perfect maze” is crumbling.

The news implicates Evil Corp. Apparently, Evil Corp lawyers were able to get a past toxic waste class action lawsuit dismissed in 1993. All this past information was apparently suppressed by Terry Colby, according to the news.

Elliot is broken and at his weakest point. He gives into Mr. Robot’s plan. Only Elliot wants to make the plan. I can’t feel that Mr. Robot social engineered the hack out of Elliot. I guess it must be true the devil always attacks you when you are at your weakest point.

In summary, I liked this episode. The story line did resemble Erin Brockovich at some times. However, I like the overall story lines. Although a great segment, the only part I didn’t care for was the XXX scenes.

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