Oh boy, where do we start in this episode? A lot went down, like we learn Elliot really lives inside his head. As well, Elliot turns down millions of dollars as he refuses a secret position with Evil Corp. Plus, we learn some of Fsociety’s plans for Evil Corp- like blowing up a natural gas company in order to get at Steel Mountain datacenters. The rest of the broadcast focuses on the Dark Army, Elliot’s therapist sessions, and Mr. Robot a.k.a David Koresh. This segment really offers a lot of story lines to follow.

In this second broadcast , first of all, it must be said that Elliot lives inside his head. For instance, in one scene, Elliot is on a subway train and thinking all kinds of thoughts to himself like he’s being followed; finally, out of the blue, a guy sits across from him and addresses him, saying, ‘We’re living in exciting times. Exciting times,” which kind of reminded me of the end of world times. In another example, Elliot is riding the subway and trying to figure out who’s Fsociety; coincidently, a guy sits across from him and has a coat patched saying, ‘Mr. Robot,’ and Elliot figures it out that this is Fsociety- all in his head. After thinking about it, to me anyways, Elliot lives inside his head mainly for self preservation, because he’s admitted to being scared to talk to people, and he lacks the social skills to do so.

As this segment begins, we see Elliot at the Evil Corp a.k.a Ecorp meeting. There Elliot meets the interim CTO and his army of lawyers. Elliot is offered an Evil Corp position, but it’s a position off the books, since he will be heading up the cyber security division. Like a smart hacker, Elliot turns down the offer, which could make him a multi-millionaire in a few years.

Elliot hacks the interim CTO. He’s high when he does it. After reading email and looking at his Facebook, Elliot concludes the CTO is too perfect. In state of wonder, Elliot freaks out that he was set up by the CTO in order to be hacked. A paranoid Elliot wipes all his digital footprints in a state of anxiety.

After fifthteen minutes or so of this broadcast, we learn that Fsociety is threating Ecorp. They have appeared on TV news stating that they will data dump all Ecorp’s data if the FBI do not release Terry Colby, a person Fsociety initially set up and claim is their leader.

One scene is telling about Elliot and his disability. He’s walking with a member of Fsociety and he does not hear a word she’s saying, even though she talks non-stop. He’s too busy focusing on the fact that he might be murdered by Fsociety. During his walk to Fsociety headquarters, Elliot is completely silent but inside Elliot’s head thoughts are raging.

It’s this segment where Fsociety goes after the utilities. They have their eye on blowing up a natural gas facility. Elliot is quite about this latest development with Fsociety.

In this segment, there is talk of worms and blowing up Evil Corp datacenters. In a need to know basis, Elliot gets the rundown by Mr. Robot. Yeah, Mr. Robot has some big plans, and he fills in Elliot when he feels like it. Fsociety has one member working on malware for the natural gas company, and Fsociety realizes they must blow up Steel Mountain datacenter.

Mr. Robot brings up the Dark Army in this segment. He says the Dark Army will handle all redundant backup data centers in China. Elliot tells Mr. Robot that the Dark Army has no moral/ethic code and hack for anyone.

There is talk of the Dark Army hating US capitalism in this episode. Mr. Robot says they do, because they hack for Russia, China, and North Korea. However, Mr. Robot fails to mention that Russia adopted capitalism while professing to be a communist country. On a side note, I thought it weird that Russia never went straight into stateless communism; rather, Russia reverted back to capitalism- so much for Marxism.

Elliot sees a therapist. He was raised in an abusive family for most of his childhood. The therapist seems to be loosing the battle, as Elliot doesn’t seem to be progressing in his therapy.

Elliot accuses Mr. Robot of being David Koresh. It seems Mr. Robot gets into Elliot’s head by bringing up his father. Elliot isn’t falling for brainwashing techiques.

Mr. Robot brings up a sacred pact to Elliot. He told Elliot that Elliot betrayed his father’s trust. After pushing Elliot off a bridge, Mr. Robot states Elliot was wrong for breaking the sacred pact with his father- but it sounds like he was talking about God to me.

Overall, this segment filled in a lot about Mr. Robot and Elliot. Mr. Robot reveals his plans for Fsociety. Not only this, Mr. Robot is similar to David Koresh. As well, Elliot spends more time with his therapist and gets tossed off a bridge. The story lines are starting to come together in this broadcast, but the story line in this segment resembles the story line of Fight Club.

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