Mr. Robot is a TV series in which I checked out this afternoon. It’s a series about an elite hacker who works in the system by what I can see. The series seems to focus on this guy named Elliot.

To begin Mr. Robot, we have an anxiety ridden Elliot, essentially a hacker and cyber security guy. He’s one of those guys who realizes that one percent of the one percent call the shots in the world. As well, he realizes he’s a wanted man by the men in black. The show revolves around this Elliot.

As the main character, Elliot is an introvert. He sees a therapist, and he has a girlfriend, sort of. Elliot is the star of Mr. Robot.

Hello, friend. “Hello, friend?” That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name. But that’s a slippery slope. You’re only in my head. We have to remember that. Shit. It’s actually happened. I’m talking to an imaginary person. What I’m about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There’s a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I’m talking about the guys no one knows about. The guys that are invisible. The top one percent of the top one percent. The guys that play God without permission. And now I think they’re following me.

On top of that, Elliot works for this cyber security company, Allsafe. He basically handles the IT stuff. He takes care of the backend stuff for a number of clients.

During the first episode, Elliot stops a DDos attack on Ecorp, a client of Allsafe. Basically, Elliot stops a flood of packets a.k.a internet traffic which was designed to tie up servers and stop server requests and responds. Elliot typically stops Ddos attacks as part of his job description at AllSafe.

Honestly, to me, Elliot represents some sort of acceptable rebellion. First of all, he works for the thing he hates: corporations. And he goes about cutting Ecorp up throughout the episode. I asked myself, it seems real convenient to work for the people you hate. C’mon, Elliot, I say to myself, ‘You really like them,” cause I sure wouldn’t work for someone I profess to hate.

As it turns out, Elliot finds malware on one of the Ecorp servers. It’s a file called fsociety00.dat and a text file, too. Anyways, I thought to myself, wouldn’t AI catch this sort of thing today?

Later in the episode, Elliot is asked to join a secret hacking society. The group is called fsociety, and a Mr. Robot runs this group of motley people. Anyways, Elliot is down.

Apparently, the group wants to start a digital revolution. However, I wondered about this sincerity of this “revolution” since Elliot works for the man, Ecorp. Perhaps, this is another form of acceptable rebellion.

The episode had other notable points that stood out to me. For instance, Elliot revealed that Steve Jobs is well respected by society, but he made his billions on the backs of children ie. child labor; that being said, I thought to myself, states have passed child labor laws in the past where it was perfectly legal to profit off child labor. Another example, too, is he talked about our fake heroes; that is, he talked about Lance Armstrong and Bill Cosby- he should of added Arnold Schwarzenegger.

.Elliot really went on a political rant in this one. He alluded to superPACs, rigged voting district maps, and how the rich control the political process. Elliot may be right, but he should not lose sleep over this.

Overall, the first episode wasn’t too bad. It introduced us to Elliot, because if it didn’t, wouldn’t that be weird? Anyways, it got into Elliot, his job, IT, his life, and his background as a hacker. I think I will skip over the porn in this episode and watch a few more episodes- perhaps the storylines will be decent.

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