If you were ever unsure and wanted to know some real problems with the theory of evolution, watch this movie. For one thing, it points out that evolution may not be the best thing since evolution can take any path. Also, the film shows that evolution may not favour the rich or smart; rather, it maybe those who reproduce the most like the poor, rapists, or worse. Watch the movie, you’ll get a laugh and think, ”Should I really be laughing at this?”

It’s funny how evolution turned out in this movie. People evolved to the point of being unable to do anything. Also people turned out to be really dumb in time. The human race became idiots on the verge of extinction.

Here’s another thing to consider: if evolution is correct, ideas are pointless. Religious people could be said to be insane- or for that matter evolutionists or scientists. Ultimately, life has no meaning or purpose, if evolution holds true, because everything is determined, fixed, and inevitable. Also, free will and freedom are illusions. After all, life is just a process: survival of the fittest, natural selection, adaption, and finally death. Who could really wrap their head around evolution, not that it would matter.

On the other hand, if there is only one God and only one true religion as laid out in the bible and evolution is wrong, the majority of people are misled. Not only that, people don’t know what is waiting for them down the road, because the devil has misled them and only wants them dead. Most importantly, people could be missing out on the very most important thing in life, because it involves their survival and lives.


One final thing: if evolution is all there is, why don’t we just kill everyone because it comes down to survival of the fittest right. I am right? The last one on the hill is all that matters? Not that any of this will matter at the top of the hill or if everybody is dead, because ideas are insane right?

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