Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays is a tv horror movie by Aaron Spelling. In this one, Spelling shows how ruthless a family member can get when it comes to inheritance. Although feeling like an Agatha Christie who done it, it’s a horror movie. You should check it out on Youtube.

Its funny how family members don’t know each other. For example Sally Field had no clue how ruthless her older sister Alex was, or for that matter the rest of the family had no clue, in this movie. I thought this movie did a good job of highlighting this uncomfortable aspect of families .

The father may of had a clue as to his intended killer. He understood someone was trying to kill him. But he was old: however, he did keep a watch out. Nevertheless, he probably realized that he was helpless and powerless. And if he suspected one of his children, he was in no position to mention it in front of his kids.

Alex was an easy giveaway as to being the murderer. She was never around when the murderer appeared. She was distant, cold, and quick to point fingers. Plus, family members are always the killers. And Alex was tall like the killer in the woods. As well, Alex was a redhead, and redheads are often fiery in nature according to stereotypes. And only a family member could know the woods as good as the killer. Alex was too easy to be the killer.

Don’t you love how formulaic 70s tv movies can be? They all seem to be wrapped up in an hour or two. And they seem to cliff hang right before a commercial. I guess the writers knew the audience they were writing for.

In conclusion, there is nothing like a pagan rooted Christian holiday to bring the evil out in people. I think Spelling does a good job of driving home this point in this tv movie. I wonder if the audience ever wondered this too after eating their Hungry Man frozen dinners after a hard day of work in the 70s. I don’t believe they did, but it’s a good scary movie to watch.

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