Project Power looks at human super powers coming on the heels of the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks discovery, basically, Although very much hidden, this movie suggests what is currently possible in regards to human and animal DNA being mixed in genetic experiments, albeit through a movie story about genetic drugs hitting the streets in the foreseeable future.

Secret gene therapy is discussed in the movie. Criminals test a new drug which alters your DNA to resemble that of animals. As the usual case, the criminals test it on an unsuspecting poor population in which nobody really cares about.

As you would of guessed, poor countries want this genetic drug. They want a leg up in the world political scene and are ruthless enough to get it.

The movie also gets into genetic private research. It seems private genetic research has been able to turn on animal genetic genes in humans in which animals currently have in the animal kingdom. In a reversal, for example, this kind of genetic experimentation is currently being done with CRISPR gene editing and demonstrated in the news with some of a pig’s genes turned off for a pig heart transplant to take in a human being.

This kind of private research has come out of the dark. In the 1970s, this private research was done in private on animals. Although thought to be done only on animals, there were eye-witness interviews of humans known with animal abilities at these secret private research sites in the 70s.

This movie mentions Henrietta Lacks. She was an African American woman who had genetic cells that never died. These cells were immortal and provided ground breaking medical discoveries in which the pharmaceutical industry took advantage. A similar cell line to Henrietta Lack’s cell line were John Moore’s cell line.

The movie is ok. It looks at what’s currently able to be done in animal/human genetic experiments It was a good watch in Netflix’s.

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