In this story, we run into Sabastion Shaw, Leader of the Evil Brotherhood, and a secret city, Nova Roma, in the Amazon Rain Forest. Not only this, we see a strange purple-haired mutant running from a monster in the Amazon. This is how issue 8 rolls out.

Right from the start of this issue, we see Sabastian Shaw. As we would of guessed, Sabastian is up to something where he is meeting two mutants at Blackmore Place. He doesn’t look happy, for he seems to be giving a lecture to these two mutants.

New Mutants 08 has a new purple mutant, too. Though we don’t know his name, he does have purple hair and blue skin; however, it’s unclear about the nature of his powers. Other than being purple, issue 8 doesn’t reveal much about this new mutant.

Apparently this mutant has a pressing problem: a monster. And by the looks of this monster, it must be real hungry. Not only this, other monsters have joined the hunt, which is revealed later in the story. Given this situation, It’s turning out to be a real nightmare for this mutant

As the story continues, we learn the Amazon rain Forest has a secret city: Nova Roma. By the looks of this community, it seems right out of the Roman times Who knew the Amazon had a secret Roman-looking city.

This mutant has one thing on his mind: Nova Roma. He wants sanctuary. Later, we learn that new mutants want to go to Nova Roma for this exact reason. There is only one catch, however. He has to get past monsters waiting around the gate of the city.

Meanwhile, at Nova Roma, the New Mutants arrive. It’s Boom Boom, Armor, and Amera. Looks like this secret city is not too secret.

As the story continues, we learn Sabastian’s purpose in the Amazon. He is doing business. That business includes selling Krakoa indigenous medicine.

Much like other story lines about indigenous medicine, this one is the same. We see outsiders wanting to patent indigenous medicines in order to make a buck in the pharmaceutical industry. As with similar stories, the indigenous people are left out. Indigenous medicine story lines often focus on indigenous people be exploited by big pharmaceutical corporations.

However, Sabastian has some serious competition. It’s gangsters: the Bohen and Carrasco cartels, which he gets rid of. Anyways, Sabastian is a powerful mutant, so he quickly gets rid of the competition- big surprise there.

While at Nova Roma, the New Mutants hear about the mutant almost eaten by the mysterious monster. This disgusts them, so they quickly go looking for the monster and kill it. After that, they take the purple hair mutant with them back to Krakoa.

When the New mutants have left, we see a girl surrounded by monsters in the Amazon rain Forest. She looks very mad, and she vows revenge on the New Mutants while surrounded by more monsters.

In conclusion, issue 8 was ok. The indigenous medicines story was passable. As well, the Boom Boom diary was interesting. So were the ads and the art. I hope we see more Boom Boon.

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