In Batman Annual 2018, issue 4, titled “What Hunts the Dark Knight in the Skies Above Gotham?” from DC Comics, we get into UAVs, hacking, and psychological profiles. But overall, this story focuses on Alfred and the Batman as secondary.

As this story gets off the ground, Afred’s life is about to change. We read that he receives a call in the middle of the night to come and ID two bodies. Sure enough it’s the Wayne’s. Not only that, the son, Bruce Wayne, is homeless, so Alfred leaves the coroner’s office with Bruce. This is not by what Alfred intended to do with his life, as a young man.

Anyhoo, the story catches up to the present, and Alfred now helps Batman in his job. Alfred makes all his meals too. A real mom Bruce never had. Also, Alfred prepares Batman’s batwing for flight. Alfred is a regular side kick at this stage of Batman’s life.

This story involves drones, and Batman must deal with them. It seems a villain, The Drone, uses them to blow up builds. The villain has just killed a number of Americans with his toys.

A little about drone technology. The drones themselves fly under the radar; that is, nobody knows when the will strike. This technology is now something anyone can get.

As well, Batman had gotten hold of a psychological profile of the Drone. It appears the guy is feeling powerless and acts out, because he is nobody in the scheme of things. Anyways Batman is closer to catching the Drone with this info.

It appears Batman has an interesting source of intel. He has gotten a Russian hacker to give him Pentagon reports. Apparently the military is in the habit of making leaks.

Something about vigilantes. Why does Alfred support such lawlessness? And even become one?And why do the police not do their jobs when there are so many vigilantees? I am sure the vigilantees are part of the game.

Who knew Batman had a med in his house. He has one right in his Bat cave. Strange, though, he gets blood transfusions there- hope he doesn’t catch any deceases from tainted blood.

And guess what, Batman gets treated at the back door of a clinic too. Apparently we learn his doctor, Leslie Thompkins, has treated him numerous times. She gives the Batman blood transfusions and patches up Alfred when he needs it- hope he doesn’t get Hepatitis or AIDS.

Lastly Batman has a self driving car. This car gets him home when he can’t drive because some thugs used a spiked mace on him. I bet his car is a Tesla under the Bat mobile exterior.

To conclude, this comic was ok. It seemed to want to be relevant by adding a done story. The part about Russian hackers and psychological profiles was noteworthy. The Dark Knight feel of art was ok. Some cool ads in this comic too. Was it worth five dollars? Yeah. Not a bad read under the covers of my bed I must say.

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