The Legion of Superheroes’ “Born Under A Lucky Star” came out on December 1983. When it comes to content, this story is about superheroes with all too human problems- personal relationships. Star Boy and Wildfire have a heart to heart chat in this instalment of LSH.

This one starts with two Legionaries: Star Boy and Wildfire. It appears Star Boy is having relationship problems with his gal, Dream Girl. Wildfire is being a good friend and listening to Starboy’s troubles.

Anyways, after reading this far, we get the idea. The future still has human problems. Not only that, superheroes have relationship problems. Not bad for an honest start to a LSH story.

On top of this, Star Boy is drinking. He is drowning his sorrows. Wildfire comforts Star Boy.

It seems Star Boy feels Dream Girl has no time for him. See, Dream Girl’s job as president of the LSH takes all her time. Star Boy feels they have no time together.

Not only that, Star Boy feels hopeless. At this point, Wildfire calls him a pessimist. Star Boy responds, “I am a realist.” Things don’t look positive for a Star Boy.

As the friends continue to chat, they are watching the LSH election results- seems the future still has politics. Sheesh, anyways, Star Boy feels Dream Girl has it in the bag since one of her powers is to tell the future and she saw herself winning. Apparently the results are mixed and have not all come in.

Its at this point that we learn elections of the future have mail-ins. We see lots of superheroes mailing in their ballots. Lots of superheroes choose not to directly vote. President Trump would of hated the future too.

The conversations drifts to Star Boys early years. Seems he was born in space. Also, he had trouble accepting his powers which led him to steal his father’s space ship as well as other problems. The two continue to talk about Star Boy’s youth.

As we learn, here are Star Boy’s powers. He can make objects heavy. He has super strength. He flies and has heat vision. Apparently, in the 29th century, he is more powerful than Superman.

In time, Star Boy joins the Legion. He is accepted because of his powers. He enjoys it in the LSH.

During this heart to heart, Star Boy tells Wildfire about one mission. Apparently he was sent to a Science Police training site and prison. We learn he goes on to save the day like we expect.

This part about the SP facility is thought provoking, though. We find out that in the 29th century there is police brutality. Anyways superheroes and the future are unable to solve the present day problem of police brutality, which is interesting.

Also, there is some kind of prison break at the SP facility. Inmates have gained control and taken guns and hostages. These inmates don’t like Star Boy, so they punish him.

Needless to say, Star Boy finishes his mission. He Gains control of the SP facility. He brings the building down on everyone and nearly kills himself. Star Boy’s assignment is completed at the cost of many lives.

Sometime during the conversation, Star boy reveals he took a life in the past. Apparently he killed a man who had a gun who wanted to kill him over Dream Girl. Star Boy was cleared, but he was suspended from duty for some time.

Out of the blue, Wildfire asks Star Boy about the “halo files” which are kept on every superheroe. Wildfire tells Star Boy to check them out, since Star Boy has no clue about them- sounds odd. Apparently these files hold personal history, which might be interesting to Star Boy.

After a long talk, the results of the LSH are in. Element Lad has won and Dream Girl has lost- guess she couldn’t see this one huh. At this point, Star Boy tells us his luck may be turning around.

Briefly this issue was about the human side of Superheroes. It appears they are all too human with relationship problems. Or maybe the writers of the comic were trying to appeal to a wider readership base in this issue. Anyways, this story was worth the read, and the comic ads about Kool-Aid video games, Saturday morning cartoon shows, and Masters of the Universe models were dope too.

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