The Beatle’s White Album track “Revolution 9” is an interesting song, to say the least. If you play it backward, the “9” turns into a “6”, which looks like 666.. Here’s some thoughts on this song.

But what does “6” mean? In the bible, 6 means imperfection. Because the 6 repeats over and over, it must mean real, real imperfection. In contrast to the perfect number of 7 in the bible, 6 means imperfection in the bible.

The bible refers to “6” in other places, too. For example, the number of the beast is said to be 666. In biblical meaning, this refers to the real imperfect present world government systems. Unlike God’s system, these governments of this world are really imperfect; that is, they cannot stop war, poverty, or death, unlike God’s Kingdom.

666 also refers to the anti-Christ, a collective term in the bible. That is, those people who oppose Jesus Christ and believe him not to be the savior of mankind. According to this interpretation, anyone not supporting Jesus Christ is an anti-Christ, which includes evolutionists or anyone who does not believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The song has some strange lyrics when you play it backward. For instance, you can here the words “turn me on dead man” in the song. The Beatles’ lyrics were known to be strange and interpretive at times.

Perhaps, The Beatle’s White Album “Revolution 9” refers to another kind of “revolution” which took place at the time of Jesus Christ’s death. This revolution would be rise of false religious teachings, false religion, and man-made religious doctrines (Catholicism, etc.) which Jesus’s Christ warned would happen. This “Revolution 666” began after Jesus Christ’s death, but Jesus said it had to happen in order to fulfill the scriptures which was long predicted before his death.

Actually, Revolution 9 is said to be a selling gimmick, too. In the sixties, record companies put hidden messages in records to sell them, which was a first for this kind of thing. This maybe was the case with the Beatles White Album too.