Now, here’s a scary, creepy animation video titled “The Balloon” by BumJin Lee. Sheesh, talk about nightmares coming true.

This evil jester/joker, in this video, used to kill me every single night in my dreams as a child- that child in the video was me!

Not only that, he would kill my sisters too. He did it in all kinds of horrible ways.

And what’s worse, he would strike unexpectedly in every dream out of the blue, and usually from some dark hole somewhere or some hole in the ground. And he would drag me into his dark places and murder me. I would wake up terrified.

I am pretty sure he was real, because some of those dreams were way too real. And I’m pretty sure he was some kind of demon, or death.

Too bad he never caught me for real. F..k you, joker.

Anyways, this is one creepy video, which brings back scary childhood memories, to say the least.

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