The Walking Dead: World Beyond episode “A Blaze of Glory” centers on a few story lines. First and foremost, there is a huge burning pile of tires, which the group wants to check out on their way to finding Iris’s and Hope’s dad. Not only that, Hope plays the hero and heads to a tower to turn on sirens, which will act as a distraction to get the zombies’ attention. On top of that, Felix is gay, and he now wants to kill his zombie parents who kicked him out as a youth. These are just a few highlights of this broadcast.

To begin, we learn, when it comes to Iris, she can’t kill a zombie. For example, she tired out when it came time to kill her first zombie on the group’s trek. Hopefully, Iris learns how to kill zombies, or she won’t live long in this apocalyptic world.

As well, we learn, too, that Elton seems to be an atheist. In fact, he thinks people are going to disappear like the dinosaurs. This is one of his atheist beliefs.

When it comes to thinking ahead, Hope appears to be the only one. In one scene, she leaves a can of food behind on the road. It’s probably so the group doesn’t get lost- or for someone to find them. Not only that, if there is trouble, she will be able to find her way home.

After a day of walking, the group needs to find a place to sleep. They find a tree house. Right before bed, they play a game of monopoly.

“A Blaze of Glory” seems to be about something burning. That something has been burning all the time. It appears to be a huge pile of tires, which can burn for years if left to it.

Hope really doesn’t want to get lost, so she leaves a spray painted message at the tennis court. It says “the endlings.” If there is trouble, someone can read the message and hopefully find the group- of course, there is going to be trouble though.

Aside, we get some background on Felix. Apparently, the dude was gay. Not only that, he was kicked out of home. At the end of this episode, he returns to his home to kill his now zombie parents.

This episode ends with Hope going to the tower, while everyone is asleep. She must turn on the tower sirens to distract the zombies. If nobody turns on the siren, the zombies will get the group.

In brief, this episode had a few good stories. First, Iris, self appointed leader of the group, can’t even kill a zombie; that being said, the group is surrounded by zombies. As well, Elton, the budding atheist, shared some of his atheist beliefs, which seemed kind of interesting considering he’s in the apocalypse. Finally, Felix is really carrying around a lot of baggage, since he goes to kill his zombie parents because they kicked him out for being gay. These are the highlights of “A Blaze of Glory.”

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