“Hank and Dawn” looks at the personal history of the superhero duo. It’s starts with Dawn in ICU, while in a coma as Hank stays by her side. Next, we see Hank’s deceased brother, the original Dove, Don Hall. Finally, we look at Hank’s and Dawn’s past together. These are some of the detail behind Hank and Dove, which led to this superhero team.

“Hank and Dawn” sees the origin of this duo superhero group. Without getting too much into the background story of Hank and Dove, we learn that they formed after each one lost a loved one. Essentially, this tragic event gave rise to the duo.

Also, we learn that the original Dove was Hank’s deceased brother, Don Hall. We learn, too, that they beat up creeps and perverts, as the first Hank and Dove duo. Especially, perverts who beat the justice system only to get off on a technicality. This is what Hank and his brother did in their spare time: busting creeps.

Throughout this episode, we see Dawn remaining in the ICU as Hank resides by her. However, at some point, Hank starts to drink and steals hospital drugs when he doesn’t think she’s going to pull through her coma. It’s a tough time for Hank and Dawn.

A new thing we learn in this broadcast is Hank’s past abuse. Specifically, Hank’s childhood coach verbally and emotionally abused him often, saying, “and then it’s back to the public schools where dirty mouth boys from the slums belong.” Hank’s coach victimized Hank, as a child.

As well, in Hank’s high school football days, he suffered severe injuries. “Post-concussion syndrome,” a doctor tells Hank and his kid brother after a football injury.

It wasn’t long after his head injury that Hank’s school days came to an end. He got into fight in the library with his brother. However, all of sudden, thugs come out of the woodwork and start fighting Hank and Don. This fighting incident in the library led to Hank and his kid brother being kicked out of school.

This segment, too, looks at the reason why Hank excelled at high school sports. Basically, sports was Hank’s way of taking out anger. He could take out all his anger about losing his parents on the field.

Not only that, this segment talks about Dawn’s younger years. She was a very promising ballerina. Plus, she, too, was the victim of abuse by her mom’s boyfriend.

Dawn tells us that a final breaking point led to her breaking the arm of her mom’s boyfriend. She did this because he abused her, her sister, Holly, and her mom. However, Dawn’s mom stayed with her abuser, because she loved him.

During “Hank and Dawn,” we learn of an auto accident where Hank and Dawn lost loved ones. Hank lost his kid brother, Don, when an out of control car swerved and struck him. As well, Dawn’s mother was killed at this same accident, because they were just leaving a nearby cafe. This tragic accident led to Hank and Dawn going to bereavement counselling together.

It’s at this point, where Hank and Dawn get to know each other. Since they attend grieve counselling together, it’s not long before they go out to eat or to bars. After some time, Hank and Dawn start dating.

During one of their dates, Dawn discovers Hank’s alter ego as a superhero. This happens when she chances on his costume when it fell out of a closet while she was staying the night at his place. All Hank said was “the neighborhood needs help” with a cheap smile. And Dawn replied “and you thought dressing up helped it?” This was how Dawn first learned that Hank is a superhero.

This episode ends with Hank and Dawn going after Hank’s former coach who abused him. They want payback for all the years Hank suffered abuse. They end up killing the coach in his own home, because they learn he’s abusing more kids.

In conclusion, we learn about Hank’s and Dawn’s history in this airing. Hank was a football player who got injured; along with this, he suffered abuse as a child. Dawn, a rich girl, on the other hand, suffered abuse at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. This airing looked at the personal history behind “Hank and Dawn.”

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