“Donna Troy” has a few new story lines to keep track of- if you’re a fan of Titans. When this broadcast starts, Dick and Wonder Girl meet up and go to an art gallery, while Dick is knee deep in an identity crisis. Not only that, Raven and her mom are getting to know each other, after many years being apart. Finally, Dick’s photograph of the ancient dead language of Sumerian is translated by Donna Troy. These are the highlights of this airing.

Initially, this broadcast begins with Raven who is making breakfast for her mom. Breakfast is scramble eggs and orange juice, and she wants to show her mom appreciation, since they have been separated for years. Anyways, she’s making breakfast for everyone too.

About a few minutes into “Donna Troy,” we learn Dick and Kory are shacking up. Moreover, Raven knew about this relationship; however, she didn’t gossip. That being said, Garfield just found about Dick and Kory, which he comments is gross to him.

As the broadcast continues, we become aware that Robin is having an identity crisis. Robin says, “Being Robin doesn’t work anymore. But not being Robin doesn’t work either.” Apparently, Robin is in some transitional state.

At this point, Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl gives her take on Bruce to Dick. “Bruce filled a hole in Robin’s life with rage and violence,” Donna explains to Dick.

Afterward, Raven’s mom has a talk over breakfast with the Titans. She explains, saying, “Although I do wonder what happens to your home when you have been locked away for five years,” she enquires.

Kory provides the answer to Raven’s mom. “Back taxes. Tons of unopened mail I imagine. What did you have in your frig?” Kory adds.

Later, Dick and Donna have talk about Robin. “I couldn’t get a handle on the violence. It’s getting worst,” Dick says about quitting Robin.

It becomes clear to Dick that he needs a place to crash. Therefore, he hits up Donna Troy. She doesn’t mind, so they head to her art gallery, since she’s an art gallery curator.

During this segment, we learnt that Raven’s mom gave her up to protect her. she gave up Raven, because she knew her dad would always be looking for Raven. Therefore, she gave her to her best friend.

That being said, Raven’s mom talks about Raven’s dad. Apparently, he built up a lot of followers like he had a Twitter or Facebook. He had a cult of personality, which was similar to Joseph Stalin, etc. We learn a bit of secret info on Raven’s dad in this airing

Meantime, Jerry Wrigley, a US Marshall, is onto Kory on the train. He has figured out that she’s the woman who the FBI are looking for. Right away, he calls for backup and arranges for a train obstruction. This Marshall thinks he can capture Kory on the train.

Elsewhere, Donna Troy is up to doing some undercover work. She visits an informant who deals in illegal elephant tusks and lion skins. She takes some pictures of all the smuggled tusks.

Apparently, this informant got the illegal animal skins via bribes. This allowed him to smuggle the stuff in the country. Plus, he claims to be helping out Donna, which is strange.

Toward the end of this broadcast, Kory shows signs of PTSD. She was traumatized and tortured in the asylum. Now, she gets flashbacks and is on emotional edge. Kory clearly has signs of emotional abuse, which superheroes apparently get.

At the end of this airing, Dick’s photograph of a Sumerian offshoot language is translated by Donna Troy. “This alphabet has been lost for centuries… Look, these words often have a double meaning. Like aloha or shalom, they can mean both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye.’ It says here ‘Her mission is to secure the Raven,’ which could mean ‘take control of’ or ‘take care of.’ Unless I am reading this wrong, your friend, Kory, is here to kill Raven,” says Donna Troy about the ancient dead language.

Overall, this segment was interesting. We see Dick and Donna Troy hang out and what they do in their spare time when not superheroes. As well, Raven got some much needed time to get to know her mom, which she should of had like any normal person. Lastly, the most interesting part I thought, was Dick’s translation of the dead Sumerian language about Kory. These story lines had me interested until the ending of this broadcast.

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