Titan’s “Asylum” is a strange episode to say the least. We learn in this broadcast that Raven’s mother is alive; however, she’s in an asylum hence the name, so Raven and Garfield go to fetch her. It’s not long before Dick and Kory come after them, but they are caught and locked up too in the asylum. This airing is about that short stay in the “Asylum” for the Titans.

During this broadcast, we learn Raven can heal people. For example, she healed that scum, Mr. Adamson, after he slit his throat to prove a point that Rachel can heal people. Up until this moment in Titans, everyone thought Rachel could only hurt people.

Now, we come to the main story line of this episode: Raven’s mother is alive. However, she’s been held in an asylum by Dr. Adamson. For a long time, Rachel believed that her mother was dead.

Of course, with this new knowledge, Raven goes to search for her mother. That being said, Garfield tags along, since he knows how it is to not have a mother. They swipe a cell and use the Uber on it to get to the asylum.

Because it’s a long ride to the asylum, Rachel is bored. She says to Garfield: “You know it’s like a federal offense to use someone else’s Uber account?” Garfield just smiles and looks on.

As soon as they get to the asylum, Raven and Garfield, oddly, are caught by the security. They are both placed in separate cells. However, Garfield is placed in a cage.

Meanwhile, Dick goes to check on Raven to find her missing. With that, he figures out that she’s gone to get her mom at the asylum- a place Dick didn’t want Raven to go. Dick and Kory head to the asylum.

Once again, the asylum security get the jump on the superheroes Dick and Kory. Dick is placed in a padded cell while fed drugs by two big guys with a needle. Kory is placed in a furnace where there is no light, because they don’t want her to use her powers. I guess the security have experience with people like Dick and Kory, who claim to be superheroes.

Finally, Raven finds her mom after killing Dr. Adamson. Upon finding her location on the security monitors, Raven goes to get her mom. Together, they start to escape the asylum.

It’s this episode where Garfield gets his first taste of blood. He kills the doctor who tortured him in his cage. Probably after this, Garfield will find it hard to resist human blood.

Briefly, “Asylum” was kind of good. We saw the Titans beat the asylum and escape. As well, it was surprising to see the asylum security get the drop on the Titan- these are supposed to be superheroes. This was an ok broadcast.

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