Titan’s “Together” is about the Titans. After spending some time getting to know each other and bonding, they learn their powers. As well as this, they start training as a group, the Titans. On top of that, they beat the nuclear family as a team. These are the highlights of “Together”.

When “Together” starts, we see Dr. Adamson, the employer of the nuclear family. He’s in the process of making an omelette. However, in order to make an omelette, he needs to break a few eggs. With that, he breaks one egg and finds a baby dead bird. Not to be perturbed, he whisks it right in, and goes about making his omelette. Seems Dr. Adamson doesn’t care where he gets protein from.

As episode five continues, Dick has some news for the Titans. They are all being hunted by sociopaths aka the nuclear family. Dick says they better get ready for the bad news.

Dick begins by selling the porsche. With the money he buys a minivan. A porsche would just stick out to the nuclear family.

At this point in the broadcast, the Titans lay low. They hold up in a rundown motel. It’s here that they develop a strategy to deal with the nuclear family.

The Titans start training. At a barn, they learn each other’s powers. They start to get control of each of their powers.

During training, the Titans agree on safety. They form an alliance. This alliance has a purpose. The alliance will keep the Titans alive, since the nuclear family is trained very good.

It’s this airing where we learn more about the nuclear family. The Titans tell us that the nuclear family have trained hard. The nuclear family makes violence look like an art form. Not only that, the family takes some sort of drug that gives them superhuman strength.

One interesting point of the nuclear family is they have no dad. He was killed by Kory in “Doom Patrol”. Now, the nuclear family must get a new dad. It’s at this point where Dr. Adamson, a doctor who runs an asylum, give them a new dad.

At the end of this airing, Dick is ready to reveals his secret to the Titans. He’s none other than Robin, of the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. The Titans are impressed, since they were all wondering what his power is.

As this broadcast ends, Dick, after beating the hell out of the nuclear family, learns who their employers is. He’s Dr. Adamson. With this new knowledge, Dick goes to meet him. However, he is attacked by some sort of black ops group. At this point, Dick Greyson meets a new Robin who saves him from being murdered.

In conclusion, “Together” was feeling out period for the Titans. They got to know each other at a personal level. As well, they got to show each other their powers. Finally, they beat the crap out of the nuclear family. These were the main points of “Together”.

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