After some months away from Titans due to life, I checked out “Origins,” which follows a few good story lines. First, this segment follows Dick who reflects on his troubled childhood. As well, Kory can’t seem to remember who she is, but she sure can fight, because she knocked around a couple of hicks. Finally, Raven is part of some sort of bible prophecy; not only that, she may be possessed. These are the highlights of “Origins”.

In “Origins,” the nuclear family has caught Raven. They are taking her back to their boss, some strange old guy who lives in a high rise. It’s not long, though, before they lose Raven.

During a stop at a gas station, Cory kills the nuclear head of the household. Cory burns him to a crisp. Next, she takes Raven.

In this segment, also, we learn Raven is an empath. Raven says, “I can feel what other people are feeling, but I couldn’t feel anything from you.” Raven has to touch someone in order for her powers to work, so she touched Kory.

Meanwhile, Kory and Raven stop at a diner. There, they run into some trouble when Kory gets in the middle of a domestic dispute between a local hick and his -ex-girlfriend. Of course, Kory beats the hell out of him, along with his friends, and then she gets take out.

Apparently, too, we learn that Raven’s father is some kind of monster. The nuclear family is scared of him. And the local nuns know about him, but they won’t go into any kind of detail. Everyone seems to be scared of Raven’s father.

Also, in this airing, Kory has memory issues. She can’t seem to remember who she is. Not only that, Dick doesn’t know who she is. However, she believes that Raven can help her somehow.

Dick, too, has issues, because he had a rough childhood. Someone killed his parents. He wanted revenge on those responsible for the death of his parents. He suffered a lot of trauma as a kid.

Having been through a difficult period, Dick learned that you have to suffer, since there is no easy way to get over trauma. He explains this fact to Raven, saying, “Thought if I leaned on someone, trusted someone, all the pain would go away. I was wrong. Anyone tells you different is lying.”

In sum, “Origins” was fun to catch up on. We saw the nuclear family head of household get toasted only to be replaced by another head of household. As well, Raven, being possessed and part of some biblical prophecy, breaks out of the religious convent. These were the highpoints of this episode.

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