I don’t know what to make of “Brave,” because The Walking Dead: World Beyond is brand new, but it makes some good points. One point is this world is going to end soon, because the virus is just the beginning of that. Plus, the Civic Republic Military aka militia is not to be trusted, because they’re sneaky and just want to lock us up. These things stood out to me as story lines in “Brave”.

“Brave” starts with Hope, a survivor of the virus, hitching a ride. She’s going to her mother’s grave. She wants to put fresh flowers on it.

However, after placing flowers at the grave, Hope, by chance, stumbles on a secret meeting. It’s between some military/militia types and leaders of her community. Having little respect for military, she gives them the finger, while they’re talking with the community leaders. Yep, this scene resembles a real republic where a few “elected” officials meet and keep the rest of the community in the dark about their selfish interests/decisions- all justified under the guise of a better society.

After awhile. we learn the military outfit is called the Civic Republic Military. My first impression of them is they look like they’re interested in reeducating people. Not only that, they look like they would love those close to us to betray us, and they just want to lock us up. Yep, that’s a first impression of this military outfit for me, anyways.

Another first impression of mine of this military outfit is it’s better to leave things bad. It’s better to suffer. Let it all die. It’s for the best, really. Why? Because the alternative is too terrible to imagine. Run and hide is what I say. Yep, that’s my first impression- like when did a military or militia outfit like this ever turn out good in the Walking Dead series?

Hope, too, is weary of this Civic Republic Military. She says, “Oh you mean the secret non republic civic republic. We don’t know where they are or what they do.” Yep, sounds like secret grand juries and FISA courts- hits to close to home, I must say.

It seems to me in “Brave” that one character is kind of smart. For example Hope says, “They sent us some soldier and we sent them our dad?” Like who would trade a loved one for a soldier? That’s like trading your life in exchange for a couple months of military paychecks, so it’s not worth it.

That being said, the sad and ironic thing is Hope will have to die, because there can be no hope of any kind in this kind of world. To repeat history or this world would be unthinkable, unacceptable, and unimaginable. Therefore Hope will have to die, at some point, in the end.

Not only that, more importantly, given no hope in this kind of pandemic world, it will come down to us or them, at some point. Specifically, they die or we die. With this turn of events, both sides will eventually come to the conclusion that it’s better the other side dies- am I not right? It’s called war and the fight for survival. The Walking Dead: World Beyond series will have to go there.

As the show continues, some very sick nurse makes a good point. The aging and sick nurse states: “I been thinking of the end for obvious reasons.” Like duh, it’s called Covid 19; that’s the end of the world- or at least the beginning of the end.

At least Hope, in this series, has some brains. She says, “Everybody is so twerked about building things back up, but it’s so pointless.” Who the hell what’s to build up the same thing that led to the current suffering in the world.

At the end of “Brave,” Hope and Iris talk about the coming end of the world. Iris tells Hope: “You really think the world is going to end?” Hope replies, “I know it is… It’s about the people. People are shit.” I couldn’t agree more.

Finally, at the end of “Brave,” Iris makes a very good point to the community leaders and the Civic Republic Military, during a speech of hers. Iris gives her speech, saying, “I don’t trust you. I don’t know who you are.” Yeah, I agree, you can dress up the military real nice, give it a smiling and understanding face, and put a woman in charge, but it’s still a military that’s only purpose is to maintain control and order at any means necessary- even death.

To sum up, I am cautious about this first episode. First, it has some good points, but it can ruin them if it devolves into some Degrassie Walking Dead type teen show. Anyways, I liked some of it, so I will watch a few more episodes and see where that goes before I say whether I like it or not.

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