We Summon the Darkness

“We Summon the Darkness,” a 2019 horror-comedy, delves into the deceptive world of false religion, heavy metal music, and a trio of murderous women during the 1980s. The film opens with Alexis, Beverly, and Val assuming the roles of a satanic-worshiping heavy metal cult to lure an unsuspecting public into their twisted faith for the promise of “salvation.” Naturally, they need unwitting patsies to execute their scheme, which is where three headbangers enter the picture. This movie offers humor, intelligence, and thought-provoking elements that will keep you engaged throughout.

As this movie starts, we learn that there is a nationwide group of congregations of false christians killing people and heavy metal headbangers. Not only that, these misleading christians blame it on satanic worshippers aka headbangers. The public buys this story, and this movie begins with that.

Interestingly, these evil christians are honest about who they are. “Alright hippie fucks, ready for the soldiers of Satan?” With that, these goats are after sheep.

In order for the false christians to pull this off, they must pose as a satanic worshipping heavy metal cult. They dress the part and act the part. They listen to heavy metal music and attend heavy metal concerts. They even invent a cult called “We Summon the Darkness”. After they killed people, they blame it on the unsuspecting headbangers in order to get the public to come to the deceptive christians. Nevertheless, the false christians are nothing but murderous people.

Apparently, these phony christians give people a purpose; however, it comes with a price. If the unreal christians are successful, these people, along with the down-and-out would donate to the congregation. However, in exchange for “saving” them, these fraudulent christians would use the donations to buy tons of property, mansions, etc. Along with giving people a purpose, the congregation gives them a family- if you can call that a real family.

As well, the counterfeit christians claim to build shelters. However, they don’t build shelters for the homeless, pregnant, or poor. Once again, they just pocket the money, estates, trusts, deeds, property, stocks, bonds, or whatever is donated to them. During this movie, Priest John Henry Butler, a main character, claims to build shelters but never builds them.

In order to be successful, these made up christians invented their own belief system and persecute anyone who doesn’t fit in with it. They invented their own doctrines. Anyone who stood up to them would be persecuted.

Not only that, in this movie, these trumped up christians just use heavy metal as a means to an end. “We don’t care about any of this shit, heavy metal, satanic cults,” says Alexis, the leader of the girls.

On top of that, Alexis, Beverly, and Val only care about themselves. “Don’t you get it. We don’t give a fuck who you are,” Val points out to Ivan, a bleeding headbanger.

This movie shows untruthful christians are just interested in people believing their message, even though it has nothing to do with truth. “It doesn’t matter if it’s true. It only matters if people believe it,” Alexis stresses to her captive audience of headbangers.

Additionally, throughout this movie, Alexis, Beverly, and Val are shown to not be above murder in order to get what they want. “No, actually those were the other members of our congregation… And next week it will be another group’s turn,” Alexis says about her congregational brothers and sisters across the nation.

We Summon the Darkeness shows there are lots of these bogus christians. “Our reach is very far and wide. And we’re growing stronger every single day thanks to people like you,” Alexis explains to the headbangers who will be sacrificed in order to further the lie about a satanic cult killing people.

However, one headbanger is not stupid. “You’re so fucking clueless,” says Ivan who sees who they really are.

Headbangers are an easy target for these misleading christians. “You dress the part. You look the part. and the news is going to fill in the rest for us. And when the public hears there has been another satanic murder, they are going to come to us for salvation, because they want their soul saved.” Alexis smirks.

Another thing: this movies shows the role of religious martyrs in order to further the bottom line of deceitful christiann corporations. Alexis says about anyone misfortunate enough to fall for her insidious, unreal christian message: “And the beautiful thing is your deaths are going to actually mean something. And your deaths are actually going to save the lives of 100s if not 1000s of people. Like think about it, who can say these days that they died for a good cause and for a good reason.” That being said, it’s just plain evil to give desperate people with real problems false hope in the name of God; not only that, for them to sacrifice their life for a bottom line of a false christian, that’s incomprehensible and beyond all humanity.

This film shows that many people believe distorted christians are good people. “People like us who are trying to help people. People like us who are trying to spread Christ’s word. Trying to spread the word of Lord and savior. People trying to help the world. That’s what is wrong with us?” As Alexis smirks and points out to the three headbangers.

However, a few headbangers are not blind to these false christians and their false doctrines, during one scene in this film. “What he means is people with closed minded fucks who go around their whole lives shitting on anything they don’t understand. What he means is hypocritical lying f..king pieces of shit that just invent a belief system so they can persecute anyone who stands up against them. What he means is a weak cowardly sheep with no original ideas who just blindly follows anyone…” a bleeding Ivan says about his buddy’s real message to Alexis and her murderous followers.

At the end of this movie, after surviving the murderous false christians, Mark and Beverly take the evil christian’s money and head off down the road. They are smarter and wiser now about false religion. They stop at a store and start off for a new life with the congregation’s scammed money in an old beat up Jeep.

Overall, I liked this movie. It was funny, truthful, and subversive in a way. However, I do believe in true religion, even though false religion ruins it for those genuinely seeking God. Nonetheless, “We Summon the Darkness” exposes false christians and the racket of false religion, so I enjoyed the movie.

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