“The Tether” of Impulse focuses on a few story lines. First, Henry has some time to experiment with her powers, which she uses to teleport to the top of a water tower to do a mural. Also, Cleo is looking for a new job, since her job at Bill Boothe Auto is gone. As well, Anna moves back home, until she gets back on her feet. Finally, Henry and Nikolai wonder what they are, because they know they are not normal people. As this episode ends, Cleo and Henry bond; hence, you get the title of this latest segment.


“The Tether” sees Henry testing her powers out. She begins by teleporting to the top of a water tower. It’s while on the tower that she gets the idea to tag it and leaves a mural. Henry sees no problem by having fun with her powers.

As the broadcast changes, we see Cleo leaving a local diner, after failing to secure her old job. While heading to her car, she runs into Lucas Boothe who makes small talk and eventually tells her that she does not have to worry about Bill. It’s an odd moment, and Cleo wonders what Lucas means, as he heads off without saying much. Cleo then heads home.

Next, in this episode, we learn that Anna Hulce moves back home. She goes to live with her mom and her dad who is distant. Anna has to move back home because she no longer has a job and can’t afford to rent a place.

At the Coles household, Cleo gets some mail. Her divorce certificate has finally come. She breaks down when she reads it.

This episode sees Townes and Zoe get to know each other. Apparently, Zoe has made some cool modifications to her bionic arm: she added neon lights. She shows Townes who thinks it’s cool.

Meanwhile, Henry and Nikolai have a talk at a local motel. Henry asks Nikolai if he knows what they are. He doesn’t know.

At this point, Henry and Nikolai have some ideas what they are. Henry thinks she might be an angel. Nikolai thinks he might be a ghost, a Moroi. They toss ideas around.

Elsewhere, the new police chief visits the Cole household. He tells the Coles that he wants to tie up some loose ends on the Bill Boothe investigation, and he needs to search the Cole household. At this point, the Coles refuse, because they are irritated at the investigation dragging on. The chief says to let him or the feds will do it. Nevertheless, the Coles won’t let him search the house without a search warrant.

At the Coles, Henry and Jenna discuss Lucas. They both have noticed that he is really religious now. He even thinks Henry is an angel.

While the Coles sit down to have dinner, Cleo gets a phone call and has an announcement: Lucas confessed to killing Bill Boothe, his father. Henry now knows what Lucas meant when he said “you don’t have to worry about Bill ever again.” Also, too, Cleo can’t believe that Lucas killed his father, because she just seen him at the diner.

Toward the ending of “The Tether,” Townes gets an email from the secret hacker. The hacker, now dead, tells Townes he wants him to have his files. At first, Townes is reluctant, but he later decides to retrieve the files at a secret storage locker.

After picking up the files, Townes records a final video message like the secret hacker. Townes realizes that these files could lead to his death. He needs to warn anyone should that be the case.

At the end of this airing, Henry tells her mom, Cleo, that she is her home. “It’s you. It doesn’t matter where we go. This room. It doesn’t matter. It’s you. You’re my home. You’re what makes me safe. I am tethered to you,” Henry says to her mom.

Overall, this episode was laid back. Henry got to chill and do a mural. Cleo got some time to look for a job. Anna needed to move back home and address some problems with her dad. Finally, Cleo and Henry bonded over a hamburger. I liked this episode.

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