“A Moment of Clarity” clears up a few story lines in Impulse. To begin, in a state of total breakdown, Henry kills Nikolai, because he destroyed all trust she had in him. As well, we learn Jenna is gay as hell, and she’s exposed in the middle of a family fight. Next, Townes receives some information that could get him killed at some point in the future. Finally, Henry is tired of Anna and leaves her on a mountain. With clarity, we see clearly, some loose ends are tied up in this airing.

This episode begins with Jenna exposed. Yeah, we find out that Jenna is gay. Not only that, Henry exposes Jenna in the middle of a family fight in order to take the heat off herself. See, Jenna was planning to tell everyone about Henry and her powers, but Henry told everyone about Jenna; thus, Henry ruined the moment for Jenna.

During this segment, Townes finds Henry and tells her that the hacker is dead. Townes, too, tells Henry the hacker left all these tapes. Plus, there was a strange device. However, Henry doesn’t tell Townes that she knew the hacker was dead.

Elsewhere, Anna Hulce is stopped by Clay who uses his wheelchair to block her car from leaving the local police station. Apparently, Clay tells her that the police think she’s crazy for seeing someone disappear out of thin air. However, Clay doesn’t think Anna is crazy, and he asks her if she saw Henry.

Oddly, Henry finds a note from her dad in her school locker. He wants to meet her. But later, Henry’s dad doesn’t show up at the meeting for some reason.

This is one episode where Henry has a total breakdown and kills Nikolai. After she finds out Nikolai killed her dad and led her on to believe he was still alive, she looses it and kills Nikolai. She kills Nikolai because he destroyed all trust Henry had in him.

We learn, too, in this segment, Townes has watched the hacker’s tapes. Townes tells Henry the tapes are all torture tapes of teleporters. Not only that, some of the tortured teleporters are mentally ill.

Back at the old Cole residence, Henry notices Anna in her barn. At this point, Henry goes to the barn and asks Anna some questions, but Anna won’t answer them. Henry decides to drop Anna on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, because she’s tired of Anna and her games.

This part of “A Moment of Clarity” reminded me of a biblical story of Jesus. In the bible, Satan takes Jesus to a high mountain to see all the future kingdoms of the world. He offers Jesus these kingdoms if he will do one act of worship. Jesus tells him that it is written that he should only worship God.

As well as that, the whole Henry/Anna/mountain thing reminded me of biblical demons who were said to pick up people and drop them off mountains. They would whisk people away to the top of a mountain and drop them. Not only that, demons would teleport objects, which were found later somewhere else.

During this segment, Townes has an epiphany, after reviewing the dead hacker’s secret tapes. He tells Henry “nobody can know about your power.” If anyone should find out her power, Henry or people won’t be safe. Henry and her powers must remain a secret.

At the end of this broadcast, Henry and Cleo move. Cleo wants to start fresh. However, Henry doesn’t feel right about this move, since it’s just Cleo running from problems again. Nevertheless, Henry puts it out of her mind, and she tries to get along with Cleo to start fresh.

In summary, this episode cleared up some story lines of season two of Impulse. After a few story lines, we learn Jenna is gay as f..k- as if people didn’t know. Not only that, Townes proves he’s smart by recording himself in the event that some mysterious event should take his life. Last but not least, Henry drops Anna on a mountain because Anna has become too much of a problem. Watch this episode, because it will clear up so many story lines of season two.

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