“The End of the World” of Impulse is about endings. First, ex-sheriff Anna Hulce has a breakdown, because her career is over. Also, it’s the end of the year for the Reston high school, so Henry and Jenna attend a prom. Finally, it’s the end of life for someone, because Nikolai kills again. This broadcast is about all kinds of endings.

In this airing, the ex-sheriff, Anna Hulce, doesn’t know when to give up. She’s still on the investigation of the disappearance of Bill Boothe. She won’t acquiescence, because her reputation is on the line.

This being the case, Henry won’t cooperate with the ex-Sheriff. Anyways, Henry realizes that she’s dealing with Nikolai, who is far more dangerous than Anna Hulce. This is why Henry blows off Anna.

However, refusing to give up, Anna Hulce sneaks into Nikolai’s apartment and secretly records him. She is able to record a conversation Nikolia had with disposing of the secret hacker. Immediately, she gets in contact with the current police chief.

Upon hearing Anna’s story, the chief destroys Anna’s tape recording. He says it’s inadmissible evidence, which can’t be used in court proceedings. Anna is devastated, because this tape as her last hope.

Not to throw in the towel, Anna has one last plan of clearing her name. She gets dressed up in her old police uniform and heads down to the local morgue. There, she thinks she sees Henry, only to realize that it’s her mind playing tricks on her. However, the current sheriff arrives to bust Anna.

Given Anna’s situation, I wondered why she didn’t understand about gathering evidence, as laid out in the Fourth Amendment. There is a process for gathering evidence. I thought it strange that Anna didn’t know the Fourth Amendment, in regards to obtaining search warrants for admissible evidence in court.

Meantime, Henry has taken a little teleportation trip to Romania. She wants to have that soup, which Nikolai originally offered her. While there, she takes a picture of her soup and sends it to Nikolai.

After a while, Henry is approached by a waitress who remembers Henry from her last trip with Nikolai. This lady shows Henry a picture of Nikolai’s dead family. She tells Henry that Nikolai always returns to the destroyed church where all his family was killed in a bombing. She says it’s Nikolai’s sanctuary.

Later, when Henry returns to Reston, she goes with Jenna to the high school prom. Henry reasons, “But whatever. The world is ending.” With that, Henry and Jenna dance the night away.

During the prom, Townes has a surprise visitor. It’s Zoe, his internet girlfriend. She tells Townes sorry for ghosting him on their first date.

When Townes settles down and gets to know Zoe, he realizes that Zoe is disabled. She has a bionic arm. In an effort to make her feel comfortable, he texts her to get things started between them even though they are in the same room. Originally, texting was how Townes and Zoe met at an online gaming site.

As the prom continues, Henry decides to leave the prom. At this point, Back Street Boys is playing “Larger Than Life,” but Henry puts on her headphones and plays her own music: God Complex by Blood Red Shoes. Henry leaves the prom listening to her own music.

During this time, the broadcast switches, and we see Nikolai kill another man: the man who adopted him as a youth. Nikolai gives this news to his adopted sister, who has a breakdown. Nikolai tells her that he did what she should of did long ago: kill her father.

Toward the end of the episode, Lucas meets up with Henry at the prom. He confronts her with the truth about Clay and his dad. However, Lucas wants to be Henry’s friend.

In a strange moment, Lucas gets down on a knee and calls Henry an angel. Lucas believes Henry is an angel sent on a mission from God due to her powers. With that, Lucas announces he’s here to serve her, and he sees it as his job to protect her.

In short, “The End of the World” was about many endings. One ending involved Anna Hulces career. Another ending involved the Reston Highschool year. Not only that, Lucas left the Mennonite community, which was an ending of sorts. Finally, Nikolai ended the life of the corporation’s founder. This broadcast was an ending for many story lines in Impulse.

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