“Crossing The Threshold” is really an episode about Henry conquering past demons. She needs to get over past trauma. In order to do it, she needs the help of Nikolai who had a similar experience. As well, Townes meets Sam, a systems analyst, who might be able to help Henry. If Henry can conquer her demons, she will be able to control her powers and move on with her life.

As we begin to watch this episode, we learn Henry has a job. She is now working at Surfin Pizza. She needed to get a job because she was feeling bored and restless.

During this segment, Sheriff Anna Hulce is being investigated by an independent police board. She wrecked a cruiser and fired off her gun, which needs to be investigated by an independent body. However, there appears to be no evidence of a man Sheriff Hulce claims to have fired on. In an attempt to clear her reputation, she resigns from her position as Sheriff.

At this point, the broadcast switches to Henry where we learn that she is thinking about going back to college. She’s thinking of attending Colgate, because they have a really good biology program. Henry doesn’t know if she really wants to work, though.

In the meantime, Nikolai and Henry get together to work on her trauma. It’s at this meeting with Nikolai that he reveals he was a fan of “Mork and Mindy”. Nikolai tells Henry that it’s was a 70s show about an alien that comes to earth. Apparently, Nikolai learned basic English from this show, because it was the only American show on Romanian tv.

Henry, too, has a few good stories to share with Nikolai. “I am supposed to be in statistics right now. But instead I skipped school to hang out in lawn chairs with a 50. I don’t know, how ever old you are man,” Henry laughs to Nikolai as they try to overcome Henry’s fear of getting back into Clay’s truck.

In the middle of the meeting, Nikolai tells Henry a personal story. Nikolai says he went to a Ramones concert in Auckland in 1989. He tells this story to help keep Henry’s mind off the trauma.

At this point, Henry offers a story of her own. Henry says she went to the Foo Fighters in the fifth grade. This is a personal memory for Henry.

Later, at a college dorm, Jenna wonders about Townes’ girlfriend, Zoe. She says, “For all you know, Zoe can be some crazy person playing a trick on you. Everything she says could be a lie.” Jenna suggests to Townes that Zoe could be a catfish, or someone might be trolling him.

Toward the end of this airing, Townes goes on a secret meeting. He meets Sam aka the hacker, a systems manager, who removed his uploaded video from Youtube of the teleporter, Dominic. Apparently, Sam reveals he can’t help Henry, and Dominic is dead. This information causes Townes to have a breakdown, because he really wants to help Henry.

In summary, this episode was about Henry conquering the past. It focuses on her trauma and how she was able to break free with the help of Nikolai. Now, Henry can control her power and go anywhere she wants in the world. It’s a good watch, and it gives you background information in why Henry can’t control her teleportation powers at the being of the series Impulse.

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