“For Those Lost” seems to be about every main character in Impulse. We start with Henry who is lost in her dreams and can’t seem to ever find her dad. After that, Lucas is lost, so he joins the Mennonites, because he feels guilty for killing Amos Miller, a Mennonite. Finally, Cleo is still married; however, she lives with a Christian man, so that makes her an adulterer. All these sheep seem to be lost in this broadcast.

This episode starts with Henry’s daddy issues. She’s having another dream of her dad. This time, it’s in a dark forest, and he’s searching for her. However, they meet to only be separated again- like all her other dreams. She must feel abandoned by her father.

Next, in this broadcast, we learn that Lucas has joined the Mennonites. From the dialog, we learn that Lucas feels guilty for the death of Amos Miller, so he tries to make amends with the Mennonites. That being said, they take him in and they give him clothing. As well, they give him a bible and a place to sleep. This is a strange story line to say the least.

It’s not long before Lucas helps with a Mennonite barn raising. He can build things, so he offers his help during a Mennonite community build. However, it’s not long before the Mennonites tell him that they don’t need his help.

Cleo is in big trouble in this segment. Apparently, Thomas’s insurance doesn’t recognize domestic partnerships. With that, Thomas offers to marry her, but she’s already married, so I guess her hospital bills will go unpaid.

Meantime, sheriff Anna Hulce checks out Ted Davidson’s identity. However, the mysterious corporation has this covered, and Sheriff Hulce is redirected to a phony insurance line, which confirms Nikoli’s identity as Ken Davidson.

Self control is a main story line in this airing. This story line comes up when Nikoli explains to Henry that she needs to control herself. Moreover, she needs to get in Clay’s truck, and face any issues she has about that truck. Basically, Nikoli says Henry has to control herself or her powers will ruin her life.

“For Those Lost” reveals someone has Bill’s gun and hand, according to Nikoli. This is really weird and the person is in Sri Lanka. Henry is surprised to learn this fact about Bill.

In this episode, Henry is concerned about Townes because he seems stressed out. “Do you think he’s ok?” says Henry about Townes to Jenna. “None of us are,” says Jenna.

Here’s something odd about this episode: I found it strange the Mennonites have a female leader. I don’t know much about Mennonite beliefs; however, doesn’t it say in the bible that Jesus is the head of the congregation followed by the husband of the family. Clearly, it says husbands are the head like Jesus (Ephesians 5: 23). I guess, it’s not too strange when nearly all religions follow doctrines of men rather than God’s regulations and laws.

By the end of this segment, Henry and Cleo take a road trip. They head to Massachusetts. It’s in Mass that they want to collect some things of Henry’s dad.

At the end of “For Those Lost,” Cleo is revealed as an adulterer. Apparently, she is still married to her first husband, Simon. All this time, she has been living in sin with Thomas.

To end, I sure hope someone finds these lost sheep in “For Those Lost”. Henry needs to find her dad, or she will go crazy in her dreams. Also, Lucas needs to find peace of mind, or the death of Amos Miller will eat him up. Finally, Cleo needs to go back to her first husband, Simon. These people really need to be found again.

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