Season two’s “Fight or Flight” has some noteworthy story lines to follow for fans of Impulse. First, Henry, after stumbling on Nikoli in the barn, helps Nikoli dissolve the body of Bill Boothe in a vat of acid. As well, right after that, Nikoli teleports Henry to Romania to enjoy a nice bowl of soup. Meantime, Henry’s mom, Cleo, has learned that her insurance has lapsed due to the family having no income. Elsewhere, Sheriff Anna Hulce pays Clay a visit where she learns about Henry’s powers. These are just a few story highlights to consider in this episode of Impulse.

This episode starts off with a macabre twist. To begin, Jenna and Townes are wondering if Sheriff Anna Hulce found Bill Boothe’s body. Last episode, if you remember, Henry told them that Nikoli and her dissolved the body in acid. The opening scenes of this broadcast show Bill dissolving slowly in the vat.

Also, last broadcast, Townes received a mysterious VCR tape from his hacker. This episode sees Townes and Jenna searching for a VCR to play the tape. However, when they find it, they don’t know how to work the VCR player or hitch it up to the LCD.

It’s this airing where Nikoli has teleported Henry to an unknown location for lunch in Romania. However, Henry doesn’t like to eat in strange places or be kidnapped. Nikoli just tells her to eat her Romania soup, even though it maybe another country in which they have lunch. Henry is shaken due to the teleportation and being in strange surroundings.

At this point, Nikoli tells Henry about his employers. They have him looking for teleporters. Not only that, they want what teleporters have: the power to teleport anyplace they want. With that, they are willing to do anything for this power. Nikoli informs Henry that it’s just a matter of time before they find her, and this isn’t good for anyone involved.

Elsewhere, in the hospital, Cleo’s health insurance has run out. On top of that, Cleo and her boyfriend have no money coming into the household. All they got is skyrocketing health bills.

During this episode, Sheriff Hulce pays Clay Boothe a visit. Apparently, he’s staying with his mother because his father was busted for drug trafficking and his dad’s home burned down. Sheriff Hulce wants to talk to Clay Boothe to see if he knows anything about Henry’s whereabouts.

Clay reveals to Sheriff Hulce that his dad is scared of Henry due to her powers. This fact surprises Sheriff Hulce since she knows nothing about Henry’s powers. Despite this, Clay tells her that Henry crushed his truck and him, even though Sheriff Hulce does not know what to make about Clay’s statements.

Meanwhile, Townes has figured out who the teleporter is in the Youtube video. He’s Michael Pierce, a scientist, and his body washed up in a cold climate, even though he was wearing summer clothes with no shoes. The identity of Michael Pierce and where his body was found raises flags in Townes’ mind.

Additionally, Townes and Jenna have time to talk about the hacker video. They talk about how the kid, Dominic, was tortured. They reason, too, that the hacker is trying to help them by sending them the video.

Townes and Jenna topic leads to another question: They need help and someone to protect them. They reason that it will have to be someone with real authority. They think it may be Sheriff Hulce, but in a few episodes back, the DEA had real authority while the Sheriff had none.

All in all, “Fight or Flight” was a good watch. That scene of Bill Boothe dissolving in a vat of acid was unsettling. Also, it was funny to watch Townes, the genius, unable to figure out how to get a VCR to work. Sheriff Hulce lack of being clued in to the fact that Henry is a teleporter was funny, too. I enjoyed this episode and hope to watch the rest of the season.

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