On October, 16, 2019th, Impulse’s “Mind On Fire” premiered. This segment starts with Henry killing Bill Boothe, a long time problem for Henry. Not only that, Cleo is almost dead due to being shot. Also, the stalker, Nikoli, has returned to clean up a mess. We see Sheriff Hulce, too, on the trail of Henry. Finally, Henry’s dad returns in a dream to warn her. “Mind On Fire” was the beginning of season two of Impulse on Youtube Premium.

This broadcast starts with the death of Bill Boothe. Henry, after grabbing Bill’s arm, killed him while teleporting to safety. With that, Bill Boothe is finished like his home and business.

At this point, Nikoli has some cleaning to do. He puts on his wireless earbuds and begins to clean up the blood. Eventually he gets to Bill Boothe, who he dissolves in a vat of acid in the barn.

In the middle of the clean, Henry stumbles onto Nikoli. Basically, Nikoli tells Henry that this is her fault, because she can’t control her powers. Plus, there can’t be evidence or mess left behind, because that will reveal other teleporters.

Aside from all this violence, Cleo is nearly dead. She was shot by Bill in the struggle with Henry. She’s now bleeding to death in Bill’s car, which Henry steals to transport Cleo to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Henry has a fight with Cleo’s main squeeze. She tells him: “No, I am her family. Ok, me, not you. You’re just ‘a’ guy. You’re are just a guy who couldn’t fix her f..king car. And that is the only reason, why we are stuck here in this shatty town. Living in your shatty house where she almost died.” Henry doesn’t see this guy as part of her family.

Elsewhere, Townes offers some humor when Jenna talks with him. “Maybe he’s drawing you to him telepathically. Like when Charles Xavier uses Cerebro to find other mutants,” Townes jokes.

At this point, it should be stated that Henry is a vigilante. Townes explains, “It was self defense. You didn’t do anything wrong Henry,” Townes asserts.

Sheriff Hulce is beginning to find holes in henry’s story. She’s piecing together inconsistencies in Henry’s story and evidence doesn’t seem to add up. It won’t be long before she finds out the truth about Henry and her power.

During this segment, we learn Henry scares Jenna. “I saw the way you looked at me. You’re afraid of me,” Henry says to Jenna.

Once again, like in previous episodes, Henry has a strange dream. She dreams about her dad who tells her, saying, “We can’t stay here. We don’t have a lot of time. We need to go.” Someone is after Henry’s dad and now her.

To end, this was a good first episode of season two. It had action and drama. We saw Henry finally stop Bill Boothe. Not only this, Nikoli cleans up her mess, which is always nice. We’ll see if Henry can keep the nosey Sheriff Hulce at bay. The season premiere looks good.

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