“They Know Not What They Do” of Impulse is a broadcast filled with drama. It starts with Cleo flying into a rage, after learning about Clay assaulting her daughter. Immediately, she heads to Bill Boothe’s Auto where all hell breaks loose. Finally, the DEA must act, but it must be the right time. Drama is the theme of this episode.

This segment begins where the last one ended. It starts with Henry explaining the origin of Nikoli to Jenna. “I saw him too. No, when I was a kid. It was at Dippy’s house. Like before it was Dippy’s house when it was my house. And my dad was there. They were fighting and my dad was trying to protect me. And he didn’t leave. He didn’t leave me. He didn’t leave my mom. That guy took him, ” Henry says.

With that, Jenna realizes that this Nikoli, a monster from Henry’s past, is after Henry. She says, “And now he’s after you.”

Meantime, Cleo has lost her mind and storms off to Bill Boothe’s Auto. There, Cleo interrupts Bill, Lucas, the corrupt police, an undercover DEA agent, and the Mennonites in a drug deal. She lands right in the middle of all hell about to break loose.

This is the broadcast where deputy Hulce stumbles into a secret DEA investigation of Jeremiah Miller. “As a reminder, as a friend of the DEA and not in any official capacity of the law,” says a federal DEA agent who reminds the state officer that her jurisdiction ends here, which is strange in itself since it’s within a state.

When it came to “They Know Not What They Do,” I thought it odd that a state official would give up her gun. In one scene, a federal DEA asks deputy Hulce, “Your side arm.” I found this scene hard to believe, since US state officers are really big on their Second Amendment rights to bare arms.

Another thing, why does it take an injunction to get any classified information in the US? The mysterious corporation lady talking to Nikoli, says, “Besides those files are classified. We’ll search the database, if that’s what you want. But I need you back in Reston right away.” More importantly, why does it take an injunction to stop the release of classified information.

It’s this airing where the constitutional commerce clause is violated and the DEA is forced to act. “We need an exchange, deputy. With money exchanging hands, all we got are border violations, armed possessions,” a DEA agent points out to deputy Hulce.

Strangely, in this segment, Jenna makes a clever observation about Henry. “I am not sure if it’s strength what you’re doing. I mean, I just stabbed a guy and spent like a half hour cleaning the blood out of the rug, but you’re just cleaning the dishes like it’s any other day of the week,” Jenna says about Henry who is acting normal.

In fact, Jenna calls out Henry on everything that’s happened lately. “Aren’t you scared? I am. I am really f..king scared Henry, and you want to pretend like none of this happened. Like Clay never hurt you. Like you just didn’t teleport out of a hospital like there isn’t something wrong with you. But there is. There is something really wrong with you,” Jenna pleads.

However, Henry realizes that it makes no sense to get upset, since you can’t change some things. Henry points out to Jenna, saying, “Jesus, Jenna, I know. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to cry? Do you want me to run to my mom? What do you think she’s going to want to do? Do you think she’s just going to want to stay where all this shat has happened? She f..king likes it here.” Henry’s right.

To sum up, Cleo was more or less the star of this episode. She flew into a rage, because someone hurt her daughter. However, she picked the wrong place, since the Boothe family, the Mennonites, the local police, and DEA were about to have a showdown. Lots of drama in this airing.

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