In “Awakenings,” Henry comes out of a coma. While in this coma, she has nightmares of walking down a dark highway in the middle of winter without any winter clothing. As well, she also dreams of Clay, her dad, Townes, herself as a child, and other demons from her past. Eventually, Henry awakens only to be confronted by a monster.

“Awakenings” begins with one nightmarish scene. Henry is walking on an empty dark highway in the middle of winter. All of a sudden, she starts to take off her clothes and lies in the middle of the pavement. Right after this, Clay arrives and asks her what she is doing and that she must be freezing. Next, Clay offers help than demands she get in his truck only to see Jenna and a guy making out. Suddenly, Jenna yells at Henry, screaming, “run!” Instantly, Henry bolts down the highway into the cold winter night as the strange nightmare ends.

At this point, the scene shifts. Now, Henry is having a seizure in the hospital. She is being rushed into a hospital room. Her mother, Cleo, and the family are following.

“Awakenings” now shifts to another segment. Here, Lucas wants to talk when the family arrives home from the nightmare dinner party. Lucas tells Bill that Clay tried to rape Henry. Bill is astonished. Lucas expresses to Bill, he is tired of cleaning up after the Boothe family; as well, he regrets killing the Mennonite boy for Bill.

Elsewhere, at the hospital, the doctor diagnoses’ Henry. She is experiencing some extended non-convulsive seizure. At this time, this is all the information the doctor has for the Coles.

It’s this broadcast where Bill wants to play the father. Bill tells Clay, “family shouldn’t talk that way to each other.” Clay responds, “tell that to Lucas. Bill isn’t doing a good job of being a dad.

“Awakenings” reveals Bill scares the hell out of Henry. She is afraid of all the Boothe family. Particularly, she is afraid of Bill Boothe.

Meanwhile, deputy Hulce believes Lucas killed Amos Miller, the Mennonite boy. This is more of a suspicion, which she reveals, as an informant, to a federal agent. Lucas is on the deputies’ radar.

During this airing, the Mennonites meet in an open field. It appears that they are praying for victory over a crate of guns. Jeremiah Miller, the leader of the Mennonite community and father of the dead boy, tells a young Mennonite “if you wish peace, prepare for war.”

Toward the end of “Awakenings,” Townes tells Henry to not bother revealing her powers because people would just think she’s strange and the military and government would apprehend her and do experiments. “And reveal Henry’s powers? No, definitely not. That’s rule number one. We never do that. Jenna, you’re not used to people looking at you strangely,” Townes stresses, “but they will. No one will believe us, and if they do, they probably will call the military and lock Henry up in some compound and do tests like she’s a lab rat. Like in Flight of the Navigator. No, the last thing Henry needs is a betrayal of friendship. We can figure this out on our own.”

Additionally, Townes believes teleportation is the result of genetics. Henry has some kind of teleportation gene, which allows teleportation, according to Townes. He tells Jenna this suspicion.

When this broadcast ends, Henry awakes. Right away, she teleports home, because the monster aka Nikoli is attacking Jenna. As a result, Henry surprises Nikoli, and Jenna is able to stab him in the back on Henry’s arrival at her house.

Last but not least, in this segment, Cleo is warned twice to not see Bill. Deputy Hulce warns her. Plus, Lucas warns her. In a rage, Cleo goes to Bill’s office to confront him about what happened to Henry.

In short, “Awakenings” is about Henry. She awakens from a coma. Plus, she learns the meaning of the little girl in her dream. As well, she finds out the truth about her dad. Henry finds her way out of the fog in this broadcast.

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