“He Said, She Said” is an exciting Impulse episode. It begins with a confrontation between Lucas and Clay. Next, there is a dinner party from hell when Cleo invites the Boothe family over. With that, Henry finally has a breakdown. In addition to this, Nikoli, is posing as an insurance adjuster at Bill Boothe’s Auto to get information on jumpers. These story lines make for a hair rising episode.

While this episode slowly starts, soon, confusion sets in when Lucas goes to talk with Clay. It seems Lucas has put a few things together like Henry, his crushed trunk, and Clay’s crushed truck. At this point, he wants to convince Clay of the connection and goes and gets Clay to show him the crushed trunk; however, Clay isn’t pleased because he thinks Lucas is joking around at his expense. The two part confused and go their separate ways.

Later, we return to the Cole household, where Cleo has invited the Boothe family to a dinner. To start the dinner, Lucas says a prayer, which the Coles, Clay, and Bill find strange. However, later, Lucas confronts Henry while she’s in the kitchen to tell her that he believes her story about Clay. Meanwhile, everyone else chats in the living room.

Basically, it turns out to be the dinner from hell at the Coles. Henry must play nice to Clay, who sexually assaulted her, all the while with a smile on her face. However, Henry can’t do it, and she ends up having a panic attack. At this point, all hell breaks loose as Henry explains to her mom that Clay sexually assaulted her, as the rest of the dinner party continues in the living room.

As the episode “He Said, She Said” switches to another scene, Nikoli, the man who killed Dominic, his son, and wife, shows up at Bill Boothe’ auto. He’s looking for jumpers, so he’s there doing undercover work posing as an insurance adjuster. Apparently, he wants to pump Clay for info, so he investigates Clay’s car accident.

In a back room of the business, Nikoli has a few questions to ask Clay. He wants to know if Clay has ever lost time before this accident. Also, he wants to know if Clay has a history of seizures. It’s not long before Clay gets tired of his questions and tells Nikoli to get the hell out of Boothe’s Auto.

Elsewhere, deputy Hulce has figured out that Henry was in Clay’s truck when he was hurt. She’s suspected this for awhile, but now her investigative hunches have paid off. She confirms this fact by letting Henry know.

Despite this, Henry just wants Deputy Hulce to arrest Bill Boothe for murder. Henry believes Bill Boothe killed the Mennonite boy. But Deputy Hulce needs evidence. She tells Henry that the police just can’t detain people for no reason.

Afterward, Henry has a run in with Bill Boothe at his auto business. Because Bill starts to pressure Henry, as leverage against him, Henry brings up the photo of the dead Mennonite boy she saw in Deputy Hulce’s police car. When Henry mentions this fact, Bill’s hairs stand up, and he becomes noticeably disturbed. At this point, Henry lands on Bill’s radar.

By accident, Nikoli aka Ken Davidson, the fake insurance adjuster, makes contact with Henry at Bill Boothe’s Auto. This happens, by chance, when he sits down beside her, while awaiting Bill Boothe. He looks at her, but Henry isn’t aware that he’s after her.

In a word, this broadcast was exciting. It had lots of drama. Especially the whole dinner party from hell. Henry did an excellent job of having a breakdown with her mom. Given that, Nikoli is getting closer to finding Henry. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes of season one of Impulse.

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