“In Memoriam” sees a few stories unfold. We learn Henry’s getting flashbacks of a traumatic childhood. Plus, one of Henry’s friends, Towns Linderman, is trolled at a high school science ceremony. This episode, too, adds a boyfriend from Henry’s past. “In Memoriam” offers some new story lines into Impulse.

To start “In Memoriam,” Henry learns from Dippy about a strange family. Dippy tells Henry of a schizophrenic man, his daughter, and wife who used to live in her house. Not only that, the girl had seizures, the father was abusive, and he left the mother and child; all of which Dippy thought was best for the mother and child. With that, Henry puts two and two together and infers that this is her family, and she is the child.

Also, in this broadcast, we learn some of Henry’s personal history; that is, she lived in Vermont. This fact comes out when she’s talking to a past boyfriend, Josh, about where she used to live. At this time, Henry’s dad left the family in Vermont.

Later, during a Reston high school science awards ceremony, we find out that Towns Linderman got trolled. Apparently, his online girlfriend, Zoe, who he had never met, agrees to come to his science ceremony; however, she never shows up and Towns is crushed.

It’s this episode where Henry’s nightmares get the best of her. In one scene, after being with Josh, Henry heads to the shower to cry. Henry can’t stop dreaming of Clay Boothe who sexually assaulted her, and she breaks down in the hotel bathroom. Henry is devastated by this dream.

Additionally, throughout this broadcast, we learn about Henry’s boyfriend, Josh. He appears to be the sensitive type, a real big softie. Also, he’s an ex molly user. On top of that, Josh and Henry share a mutual hobby: they both are graffiti artists. That being said, Josh is currently living in his car and moving around the country, but he plans to head to Montana to weld. This is the guy Henry dates.

Not only that, Henry and Josh tag. If fact, Cleo, in one scene, tells Deputy Hulce that Henry is a tagger. Henry loves to tag.

During this segment, Deputy Hulce attempts some undercover detective work. She arranges a meeting with Cleo, an employee of Boothe Auto, who deputy Hulce dupes into taking her back to Boothe Autos. It’s deputy Hulce’s hope to gather evidence unbeknownst to Cleo, but Cleo accidentally catches deputy Hulce snooping around. Automatically, Cleo calls out the deputy Hulce for using her, and Cleo orders the deputy off the property.

At the end of this airing, Henry confronts Clay Boothe at his house. There, she unloads on him about sexually assaulting her. However, neither Henry or Clay remember the same thing. At this point, she reveals that she paralyzed Clay and she’s glad. Henry stomps out of Clay’s house.

In sum, this airing was informative, funny, and tragic. Informationally, speaking, we learn some background info about Henry’s past. As well, it was sort of funny to see Towns trolled- who knows if his girlfriend is really someone with a voice changer on the net. Plus, seeing deputy Hulce get busted by Cleo was funny- don’t quit your day job deputy. However, tragically, Henry has PSTD and nightmares due to an abusive childhood; as well, she was recently sexually assaulted. This was a good background episode to watch if you’re new to Impulse.

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