This episode “Vita/Mors” has a few good story lines. To start, Henry teleports in her sleep for starters. Further, Mennonites are selling fentanyl. Finally, the mysterious teleporting couple is murdered by a strange group. These are some highlights of this broadcast.

Vita/Mors opens with Henry teleporting. She has fallen asleep, teleported, and landed in a strange closet. Not only that, a man with a gun is approaching the closet door. With that, she teleports back to her room.

In this broadcast, too, we learn Mennonites sell fentanyl. In fact, they do it right out of their barn. Plus, they have a lab to produce the goods. Who knew Mennonites sell Fentanyl on the side.

Plus, we learn Mennonites mail fentanyl. They smuggle it in compact discs. Further, they sell it at gyms and schools. They must use lots of stamps, anyways.

Further, this episode sees the police pay a visit to the Mennonites. The police are met by armed Mennonites at the gate of their farm community. The lead officer chalks it up to protecting the best relish, even though it’s the middle of the night.

The police report to the Mennonites that one of their community members has died of a fentanyl overdose. One Mennonite approaches the officers, saying, “I need to bury him. Three days after his death.” This must be done according to the Mennonite religion.

Elsewhere, Townes has done some research on teleportation. He has learned that Henry might not be the only teleporter, according to videos posted on Youtube.

Consequently, Jenna doesn’t believe Townes. In fact, according to Jenna, there is no genetic proof: “There is no proof teleportation is genetic.” Incidentally, though, to date, scientists have reproduced blackholes and teleported photons.

After a brief discussion, Townes wants to talk about Henry’s recent closet teleportation. He tells her that it makes sense, for facilities that house people with heightened abilities, to have heightened security. This is the case with superheroes. With that, he explains, it’s her duty to be a super-heroes.

At the ending, the mysterious couple is finally killed off. Dominic, the guy in the couple who can teleport, kills himself and his son, after a stranger tells him, “He might not have the gene. Even if he does, it might be years before his abilities develop.”

Overall, this segment tied up some loose ends. We learn Henry can teleport in her sleep. As well, the mysterious couple story ends, or begins, when they are murdered by a strange group. This airing clears up some questions from previous episodes.

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