This week, “Episode 20” sees All-Star personal issues rise to the surface. First, it must be said, The Committee continues to rule the house. With that, David’s plan backfires, and Dani thinks David is fake as hell. On top of that, it’s Monday and the guys are loud as f..k, and Nicole is irritated. It got hot in the house, if you watched Big Brother or the live feeds.

When this airing begins, it looks like The Committee is in control this week. With that, it wouldn’t have been possible if Dani didn’t start trouble with David. That being said, David is upset, but The Committee maintains dominance in the house.

On top of that, we learn Tyler just barely survived this week. He attributes his survival to The Committee. Now, he can fight another day thanks to the Committee.

This week, too, David has a master plan to make trouble for Dani. The plan backfired, though, when David doesn’t have the votes to keep Ian. With that, it looks like David can’t get more blood on Dani.

Elsewhere, like in the DR, Nicole talks game. Nicole reveals, if the votes are tied 4 to 4, Dani won’t break her alliance. Further, she admits Kevin, Davonne, and David know nothing of this fact. Nicole knows her game, though.

It’s this broadcast where Dani is sick of David. She’s on to his plan to keep Ian and blame her. Also, she thinks David is fake. Dani really does not like David.

Damn, Dani is one cold person in this segment. Dani admits that she likes to plant seeds in the dark. This all from the stay-at-home mother aka gardener,

On live feeds, we learn Christmas does not like to get up when the music plays. She likes her sleep. But the battery packs must be changed at 11 am, so everyone must get up. So sorry, Christmas.

Not only that, also, we glean from Big Brother cameras that Big Brother keeps Christmas’s medication. Apparently, Big Brother doles out the meds. In this case, it’s antidepressants for Christmas. Wake up, All-Stars, it’s medication time, medication time!

Later, on feeds, Kevin is annoyed. He thinks everyone in the house is full of shat. Plus, they are phony because they act kind and nice, which is probably true in this case. Nonetheless, Kevin gets it off his chest to Davonne.

During live feeds, players are watching a movie. Memphis asks Enzo what movie is on as he goes to check the lasagna. There’s a movie night in the Big Brother house by the sounds of it.

Live feeds can be disturbing to watch when there is a pandemic. Memphis comments to production: “I need some medicine, yo.” He coughs, sniffles, and sneezes constantly on cam. He probably has Covid.

On live feeds, the guys are getting real loud. In fact, it’s now bothering Nicole, and she asks David why the boys are so loud. On cam, you can hear Cody screaming “we are sparta!” and bellowing “Adrian!” like he’s Rocky.

At one point, you can hear Cody scream real loud. He screams, saying, “I am so bored!” He was so loud that the whole world probably heard it.

Back in the kitchen, David is preparing sweet potatoes. David is washing potatoes with soap, yuck. This grosses out Nicole who says “ew” because she eats her potatoes with dirt on them. Dani, too, says she washes her potatoes with soap- probably shampoo.

It’s Monday and the boys need their ADHD medication. However, David goes where it’s quiet to get away from all the ruckus. Dani, too, has noticed the noise, and she comments, “They are so loud, it’s crazy. It’s like we are in a frat house. Crazy 100 percent.”

Finally, Cody is trying to kill everyone in the house. He is literally trying to give them food poisoning by using the same cooking foil over and over. He even uses the same dirty pots to cook again. Good game play, Cody.

To conclude, this episode, but really the live feeds, was interesting to watch. Memphis won POV, and he nominated two players: Davonne and Kevin. The feeds were the most interesting, though, because people got steamed on account of noise. It must be stressful in the house, especially, when time is flying by and The Committee will have to turn on it’s own.

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