This broadcast deals with a funeral. It’s Leroy Fedder’s funeral, and it’s being held in Mary Hartman’s kitchen. There, a small group has gathered to remember Leroy Fedders. After the funeral, Mary Hartman goes over the day with Tom.

To begin, there is a funeral being held in Mary Hartman’s kitchen. It’s for Leroy Fedders, the high school coach of Fernwood High School, who was married to Blanche Fedders. Blanche is upset when the Shumways arrive at the back kitchen door.

During this scene, we learn Coach Fedders has been cremated. Blanche is holding her husband in a little silver vase. The vase was all Blanche could afford since caskets were too expensive.

At this time, the Haggars arrive. Loretta Haggers begins talking about Kennedy fooling around with a woman in the White House. At this point, Charlie Haggars wheels her to the back of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Blanche notices that the basketball players are missing. She chalks it up to the team not winning this season. Anyways, she comments to Mary Hartman that it’s not polite.

Meantime a pastor arrives to give a short talk on the memory of Leroy Fedders. All the people that knew Leroy are gathered around, mostly. At this point, the pastor tells stories about Leroy Fedders, some of which aren’t too kind.

After the pastor’s talk, Mary takes the stand. She explains why the funeral is held in her kitchen. If you remember, Leroy died in a kitchen, so that’s why they have it in the Hartman kitchen, Mary tells us.

In her talk, Mary reveals that she feels guilty. She feels guilty because her soup killed Leroy; however, she was just trying to be kind because Leroy had the flu. That being said, Mary feels Leroy’s death was an act of God.

However, Mary has one final point to say during her talk. She doesn’t want anyone to eat her food. Mary is taking Leroy’s death hard, and she blames herself.

After Mary returns to her seat, Lorretta Haggar wheels to the stand in her wheelchair. Lorretta wants to sing a song. She sings Leroy’s favorite song: That Old Black Magic by Ella Fitzgerald.

Later, when all the guests leave, Mary tells Tom that she wants to work in a mortuary. She feels that she could help people in the process of grieving. She wants to help people with difficulties, which arise from death.

Nonetheless, Tom wants Mary to start acting normal. He asks her to clean the house. Also, he wants Mary to raise Heather. Finally, she should be there when he comes home from work. Tom feels that things have to get back to how they used to be in the house.

However, Mary doesn’t feel like doing anything. She wonders if cleaning more will help like vacuuming twice a day. She wonders if the toilets needed to be cleaned twice a day, too. Mary just feels restless.

At the end of the day, Mary reveals that she feels better. Apparently, Mary got some answers to the meaning of her life when Leroy died. Now, she’s able to get some sleep.

Briefly, this episode was about a funeral. Leroy’s funeral, though modest and inexpensive, was the highlight of this broadcast. However, after the funeral, Mary Hartman did find peace at the end of the day.

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