“Episode 18” was about keeping The Committee intact. First, in order to keep this alliance intact, Dani must put Kevin and David on the block. However, unexpectedly, David and Kevin are saved due to the POV and Disruptor Power. With that, Tyler, a Committee member, winds up on the block; along with that, Ian joins him. Nevertheless, in order to keep The Committee in power, Ian must go home.

First and foremost, this episode is about one thing: keeping The Committee in power. “Putting Tyler on the block could just blow up The Committee,” Cody tells Dani.

However, Tyler, a strong member of The Committee, thinks the alliance is breaking. “But I feel like there could be some sort of back door Tyler plan in the works,” Tyler confesses in the DR.

At this time in the segment, a scary voice is heard throughout the Big Brother house. “The Disruptor Power is now out of play. Good luck, you’re all going to need it,” the voice announces.

Later, in the DR, Cody can’t understand Dani’s game play.

“Dani, what are you doing? Taking shots within our alliance and losing one of our numbers this week would not be good for the Committee,” Cody wonders.

Soon, Tyler questions Dani’s loyalty. “Surprise, surprise, Dani puts me on the block as a replacement even though we made a deal,” Tyler explains. “I mean we just made this deal, Dani. You told me we were good then you put me up. There were plenty of other people that were not your allies.”

Back in the DR, David sheds fake tears. “I gave them the fake tears at the ceremony,” David laughs.

Despite the tears, Cody doesn’t buy David’s tears. “You’re not fooling anybody in the house,” Cody says about David when David asks who saved him.

It’s this episode where Dani tells us that she can’t betray The Committee. Dani reveals to us, saying,

“If Davonne pulls Kevin off the block and I put up another member of The Committee, I am pretty sure they will all turn against me.” The Committee will turn on Dani if she doesn’t play ball.

At the end of this broadcast, Dani reveals her cards when it comes to Tyler.

“Everyone knows Tyler and I have issues, so I will be campaigning this week for him to go home,” Dani explains. “I told everyone Tyler is my number one target when, in fact, I said that to convince Ian he is 100 percent safe because at this point in the game, it would be foolish for me to go against The Committee.”

On the late night live feeds, Dani’s conscience is bugging her. “Why is this so hard. This is only a game. Why do I care about Ian so much. Why do I care,” Dani says.

Meantime, as the night drags on, David wonders about life after the game. “Trying to turn the game off,” he says to Ian will be hard.

Aside, David and Ian comment about the intensity of the lights in the Big Brother house.

“Were the house lights this bright last year,” Ian says to David. his home lights were really dim when he went home.

At this point in the live feeds, David wonders about the Big Brother house. “Takes away the decency of being a human,” David says to Ian

As well, Ian agrees with David. “Against everything your taught,” Ian makes known.

That being said, David thinks Big Brother is crazy. “It’s a unique, crazy experience,” Enzo relates to David and Ian.

Notably, as David begins to talk about CBS Big Brother, once again, the dialog and feeds were cut. “This game is 24/7.” Big Brother loves to censor the live feeds, because Free Speech aka First Amendment doesn’t exist with private corporations.

Meanwhile, back in the game, it comes down to numbers. “We need the best probability,” Cody asserts.

Afterward, in the HOH room, Dani paces. She comments: “This game is so much harder than I remember. So difficult, so difficult,” Dani has things on her mind.

In two words, “Episode 18” was about The Committee. Dani puts Kevin and David on the block, but Tyler and Ian replaced them due to the POV and Disruptor Power. If the Committee is to retain power, Ian must go home on eviction night. Good luck, The Committee.

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